After five years of living and working in China, he is familiar with industrialisation and all its consequences. So he switched to the clean side and helps Kappa to make the world a little better every day.

Sales and project manager

Peter, can you introduce us to the daily work routine in sales?

We have a strong presence in the market and are the ones who define the solution. I go to the customer with a blank sheet of paper and work out the requirements together with them before I come up with a solution concept. It is always a tailor-made solution, there is no other like it. Finding a solution is something very special with us, because it is defined by the sales representative before it is developed and implemented internally. For the project management I then have a technical and commercial team at my disposal to work out the individual work packages. I then accompany the project up to commissioning and of course I am always at the customer's disposal.

Is finding the solution always the same?

It varies. Of course, there are sometimes similar customer requirements where the technical solution can be clearly defined. In the case of complex customer requirements, process engineering is often included in advance in order to find a solution at all. It is really fascinating what broad know-how we have internally at Kappa. This means that even this complex task can be accomplished "relatively" easily. For the customer, this results in an efficient solution that is precisely tailored to his needs.

So you see the plant even after completion?

These are particularly precious moments. I still remember the statement of a welder who was about to retire: "I never thought I would work under such clean conditions." It's just nice to see the improvement in working conditions after the completion of the plant. Here you become aware of what is good for the environment and people.

You've seen a lot before you joined Kappa. What have you done?

I started in the production department of an industrial company and then grew into application technology. After that I set up a branch office in China for my former employer. During this time I lived for a few years north of Shanghai. In China one really becomes aware of how valuable an intact environment is.

From Shanghai to Kappa and Steyr. How did this come about?

After my return I started a family and built our own home. So my job had to be sustainable and preferably in the environmental technology sector. The job as sales and project manager is exactly what I was looking for. At the time, I was specifically looking for a position in which I could use my technical background in environmental protection. The flat hierarchies in the company and the direct way of decision making to the CEO were then additionally decisive for me to choose Kappa.

How can you reconcile your work in sales with your family?

My family is everything to me. It is important for me to spend a lot of time with my wife and daughter. The keyword "Lebensarbeitszeit" also appealed to me when I applied, because being able to work in sales and still be able to combine this with my family is great. It's good that this is true and that I am completely free to organise my time to start extensive adventure trips with my family into the forest.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I like barbecues and family outings. Currently of course also do-it-yourself and gardening. A neglected hobby of mine and my wife is diving. But it'll come back…

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