Whether 100 kilometres on a racing bike, 25 years with Kappa or on tour with his band - Roland does it wholeheartedly or not at all.


Sales engineer After-Sales

You're a real veteran at Kappa, and you're not even that old yet. How does it work out?

You just have to start early ;) I have already completed an apprenticeship as a machine fitter and electrician at our sister company Hainzl. Since 1995 I have been working exclusively for Kappa. First as plant assembler, then as chief erector, then as site manager.

Then you've already seen a lot. 
Are you still doing the same job?

No, I wanted to develop myself further and expand my experience in this field even further. I put down my tools in 2011 and am now working as a sales and project manager in filter service. So that I remain technically up to date, I still like to do things myself. So my tools are still needed.

Has this job changed in recent years? 

The whole field of activity has actually changed completely. My job is to build up and expand service customers. We started 11 years ago with one service technician to support 500 systems. In the meantime, 4 service technicians are available to look after 2000 systems for 300 different customers and this number naturally increases with every system sold.

2000 systems - that's quite something.
I'm sure it's quite demanding.

This is always the case when customers experience unplanned disruptions. These must be remedied as quickly as possible, because plant downtime often means production stoppage. But this is particularly exciting for me, because troubleshooting is not a routine job. There are many possible origins of faults and this presents a welcome challenge.

One really has the feeling that you really enjoy your work
What are the highlights of your role?

Definitely the variety. Business trips throughout Central Europe, from Italy to Hamburg. The industries in which our customers are active cover a broad spectrum. We serve the aircraft industry, foundries, construction machinery manufacturers etc. Here you can see production processes that you normally never get to see. But the very best thing about my job is that we can improve the conditions in the productions. We create air quality that is normally only found in offices.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to actively develop the service portfolio in the filter service.

More than 25 years with Kappa, that is quite impressive.

I have known the company for a long time and appreciate the excellent working atmosphere. Kappa is a future-proof employer for me, I have extremely flexible working hours and am also fairly remunerated for my work.
It fits the bill.

What do you do when you are not looking after your filter systems?

A lot. Mountain biking, road cycling, skiing and music. I often ride 100 km by racing bike or mountain bike in the Mühlviertel. In winter, skiing is on the agenda every weekend. Preferably in Ischgl. In summer I spend my a lot of weekends with my band.


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