Everything that has to do with growth is his thing. His department is growing, his tasks are growing and his family is also growing. A lucky young man.

Design engineer / Product developer

you joined Kappa right after graduating from higher technical education institute. How did that happen?

I first became aware of Kappa at the career fair at the Higher Technical Education Institute Steyr. In 2011 I was an intern at Kappa between the high school diploma and military service. I really enjoyed the internship. I got a good insight into the work, the environment and the working atmosphere and I simply had a good feeling right away.

And what job did you do then?

Since then I have been working in design and product development.

So your job hasn´t changed at all?

Of course it has. As the department has grown, so have I. I especially deal with special constructions and new developments of our own products.

And in the end, do you see what you have developed?

Yes! That's the exciting thing about this job.
I accompany the development from the idea to installation at the customers. It gets me around a lot. In any case, the biggest advantage is the variety in my job.

So for you, no two days are the same?

Not at all.
You cannot plan every day 100%. What I really like here is that I work completely independently and that I can arrange my hours completely freely. So I can also arrange my free time very flexibly.

What does your free time look like?

I started playing football when I was 5 years old. Since then I play regularly and with enthusiasm. Three times a week we go to football training and on the weekend there is always a game.

Your free time is about to change, though, right?

Yes, that's right. Offspring is on the way. We are very much looking forward to our first child.

It won't be too much longer now.
I'm sure your colleagues are already looking forward to congratulating you on your new addition to the family.

Yes, we are a very young team and the cooperation works perfectly. So of course we are happy for each other. The subject of maternity leave or 'papa month' is not a problem here, especially for fathers. Taking a leave of absence is advocated by the management and also by the colleagues, who ultimately must handle my workload. This is a big plus, especially for soon-to-be-young dads like me.

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