The art of metal grinding without grinding dust


In the past it was usual to give every piece of work an own artistic touch. Only then it was perfect. In times of serial production this is hardly possible. In metal grinding, however, the love for details can still be found in a way, which it is only found in handicrafts. The perfect surface after successful metal polishing paired with the individual touch of the processor still makes the component appear as a work of art with recurring patterns and a vivid surface.

Grinding without releasing grinding dust is, according to definition, impossible, as the excess material is removed during grinding and generates the grinding dust. It does not only settle in the immediate surrounding of the grinding process, but is also distributed throughout the entire hall. Grinding dust needs to be captured and removed in a way that metal grinders, neighbouring employees or machine operators of grinding machines are not contaminated or endangered.

We support you in all areas of grinding dust collection and filtration with various collection systems, cabin solutions up to complete in-hall air cleaning systems, no matter if manual grinding or machine grinding:




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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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