Cooled workplaces in steel construction in a cool company


So far, cooling has hardly been an issue in steel and sheet metal construction. One of Kappa's customers didn't see it that way. The working conditions at the medium-sized contract manufacturer of steel and sheet metal components needed to be improved.


The company mainly carries out welding, grinding and assembly activities. The emissions from welding and grinding activities are collected directly using suction arms and hoods. The occupational exposure limit values are observed. The excess heat from various production plants does not lead to overheating of the hall.

One thing was clear: an improvement in working conditions was achieved above all through the supply of additionally cooled fresh air in summer.


Solution: workplace cooling with fresh air

Kappa CC CoolTM was installed to cool the work areas. The system cools the supplied work and production areas efficiently and economically. In contrast to conventional solutions, the system works with the targeted diffusion of cool fresh air. The innovative air diffusion developed by Kappa enables an optimal distribution of cold in the areas being cooled using Kappa DiffusorsTM. The cool, fresh air slides like a wedge under the hall air without mixing with it. The fresh air is processed in the Kappa MTATM system where it is filtered, cooled and heated.


All this speaks in favour of Kappa CC CoolTM

  • Optimum comfort. The temperature in the hall is perceived as very pleasant all year. Production is now pleasantly cooler in summer than in the offices.
  • The air quality at the workplaces has improved considerably due to the fresh air.
  • The existing air filtration system can still be used.
  • Cooling of the hall with cool night air (Kappa CC FreeCoolingTM) without additional cooling energy.



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