The transition period for general dust limits in Germany has expired


The general dust limit was redefined in Germany back in 2014. The intention of this was to prevent dust pollution from affecting the respiratory organs of humans to a health-threatening extent. It deals with a so-called permissible exposure limit of poorly soluble or insoluble dusts for which there are no other regulations.

In addition to the fineness of a dust, the type of dust is of course also important in determining the impact on health. For dusts of substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic or sensitizing effects, independent limits are prescribed due to the high risk potential.

The regulation stipulates a limit value of 1.25 mg/m³ for respirable dusts (A-dusts). An average density of 2.5 g/m³ is used as a basis for this.

The transitional period expired at the end of 2018 (TRGS900, section 2.4.2)

For the existing plants and processes, a transitional period was in place until the end of 2018. Since the beginning of 2019, the general dust limit must now be adhered to in all respects.

In addition, a risk assessment must be carried out during operation, and protective measures must be adapted according to the STOP principle:

S … Substitution: Substitute materials or procedures to avoid or reduce dust emissions.

T … Technical protective measures: Use suction and filtration solutions or room ventilation to eliminate or reduce dust exposure in the workplace.

O ... Organizational: Change work processes to avoid or reduce stress.

P … Personal protective equipment: For example, use respiratory protection.


Kappa supports you!

We are very familiar with the legal framework and its compliance. We are happy to assist you in assessing and correcting health hazards or nuisances caused by particulate matter. This applies both to individual workplaces and to the entire production facility.



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