Everything in view: Kappa system monitoring ensures optimum operation


Today more than ever, air treatment systems are in operation around the clock. Maximum availability requires a rapid reaction time. Only those who always keep an eye on all system parameters can ensure optimal functioning, efficiency and safety of their systems quickly and prospectively.

With our system monitoring service offering, we monitor the performance parameters of systems and thus assess the function and efficiency of our customers' air treatment systems in real time. We also analyse and document the system history, provide forecasts and make recommendations for safe and economical system operation.


Karl Rieger, Technical Manager of Kappa, reports: "We recently equipped the Kappa Zeromatic® system control of an air treatment system at a customer's site with online system monitoring. The states of central areas are continuously monitored: supply and exhaust air temperature, supply and return flow temperature, bearing temperatures, vibrations, volume flows, differential pressures and so on. Warnings and alarms are also logged. Based on this data, we recommend and coordinate maintenance and repair work, spare and wearing parts management, stockpiling as well as options for energy saving."


Benefits for the operator

  • Optimum function
  • Increased system availability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Maximum safety
  • Improved comfort



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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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