No more "idle miles" – power consumption reduced with intelligent power control


Air treatment systems are usually operated with a predefined power or in a predefined power range. What is not taken into account enough, however, is the fact that the specified power is often not needed in normal operation. This leads to unnecessarily high power consumption. This was also the starting point for an international manufacturer of vehicle components. By modernising the system automation and installing the Kappa AirdynamicTM system, the power of the air treatment system is now automatically and perfectly synchronised to the respective production capacity utilisation.

No more idle miles - power control as required

The Kappa AirdynamicTM system minimises the power consumption of air treatment systems by adapting their performance to the currently required demand. To this end, it permanently tracks the emission levels and regulates air technology completely automatically and reliably. If a lot is currently being produced (= high emission levels), the system reports the increased power requirement to the system. However, if the machines are not being used to full capacity, the power of the air treatment system is reduced to the necessary level by an automated control.


Saving operating costs with intelligent system modernisation

Through intelligent system modernisation, the user was able to reduce the annual power consumption by 182,027 kWh. This is within the expected margin. Our experience shows that savings in the six-digit kilowatt hour range are not uncommon.



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