Safe discharge of exhaust gases from combustion engines


The extraction of exhaust gas from combustion engines in buildings is mandatory.

Instead of an "off-the-shelf" solution, Kappa supplies elements precisely adapted to the requirements of industry, commerce, fire brigades and similar facilities. 





Custom solutions for industry, commerce and fire brigades

If a combustion engine has to be operated inside buildings, the collection and removal of exhaust gases is unavoidable. After just a few minutes, emissions in closed rooms can exceed the permissible limits. The removal of engine exhaust gases is therefore not only essential in a workshop, but also in vehicle testing in vehicle construction.

Kappa has a comprehensive range of solutions for capturing and extracting vehicle emissions - both industrial and commercial. These include exhaust extraction systems on vehicle and engine test benches for motor, commercial and special vehicles, as well as exhaust extraction systems for vehicle workshops, fire brigades and operational centres.


The Kappa exhaust extraction range includes:

  • Test chambers with integrated exhaust gas extraction
  • Heavy-duty slewing crane jib for diesel exhaust extraction, especially for high-temperature applications
  • Jib crane boom for standard applications
  • Hose reel (spring or motor driven)
  • Extraction rails, extraction slot ducts and moving exhaust extraction systems
  • Exhaust gas extraction nozzles (in various designs)



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