Kappa Airdry


One filter system for all
cooling lubricants mists – intelligent
and multifunctional

Kappa Airdry
Kappa Airdry
Kappa Airdry

The Kappa Airdry™ filter system is able to handle a wide range of oil and emulsion exhaust air compositions. The filter stages can be individually configured and modified. It is even possible to switch to another cooling lubricant.

Kappa Airdry™ is the only filter system that can be individually configured for all cooling lubricants – a multifunctional filter systems for all oil and emulsion mists.

Kappa Airdry™ is based on the principle of Kappa Selective Separation (KSS). The emissions in each filter stage are selectively separated from the coarser aerosols until the finest mist droplets and aerosols are effectively separated in the main filter stage.

This principle of selective separation enables a significantly higher filtration rate compared to conventional systems. At the same time, energy consumption is measurably lower.


  • Precisely tuned for the respective application
  • Universal use for all cooling lubricants, oils and emulsions
  • Simple adaptation to changed process conditions
  • High filtration performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple construction, easy to operate, stable industrial design

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