Kappa Sorbdry


One filter system for
aerosols, gases and odours –
intelligent and multifunctional

Kappa Sorbdry
Kappa Sorbdry
Kappa Sorbdry

The Kappa Sorbdry™ is a high-performance filter for the filtration of combinations of aerosols, gaseous emissions and odours. It can be perfectly adapted to the task at hand – regardless of the composition and intensity of the raw gas load. The adsorbent filter elements enable targeted filtration of gaseous emissions and odours.

Kappa Sorbdry™ is based on the principle of Kappa Selective Separation (KSS). The emissions in each filter stage are selectively separated from the coarser aerosols until the finest mist droplets and aerosols are effectively separated in the main filter stage. Gaseous emissions and odours are filtered in the adsorbent filter cell. They are characterized by high reactivity and storage capacity. The intelligent design of the Kappa adsorbent filter cells ensures an uniform loading of the adsorbent material and prevents bridging.

This principle of selective filtration enables a significantly higher filtration rate than with conventional systems. At the same time, energy consumption is measurably lower.


  • Compact unit ready for use
  • High filtration performance, long lifetime (adapted to emission characteristics)
  • Low energy consumption due to flow-optimised design and automatic power control to the desired set point
  • Simple and clear operation for optimum comfort and increased safety
  • Special developed clamping device for tight filter installation and quick and easy filter change

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