Kappa MTA


Energy recovery, exhaust air
purification and fresh air
treatment in one system

Thermal energy is a by-product of almost every single industrial production process. We support our customers in recovering and using this energy.

Our experience shows: the annual energy saving potential is between 10 and 50 percent of the investment costs. Expenses usually pay themselves off within two to five years.

Kappa MTATM pursues a completely new concept in the industrial air technology. MTATM means „modular technology for clean air“. The intelligent modular air technology concept integrates industrial exhaust air technology, energy recovery and air treatment in one system.

The individual modules can be configured according to requirements and occasions. This enables economical and maximum emission separation, energy efficiency and fresh air conditioning.

Kappa MTA
Kappa MTA
Kappa MTA

Energy recovery,
heat recovery

Due to the production-related thermal streams, a considerable amount of waste heat is usually dissipated with the industrial exhaust air. The Kappa MTATM systems enable a complete integration of a high-quality heat recovery module.

The high degree of filtration of the exhaust air filter stages – usually upstream – makes it possible to use heat exchangers with a high degree of efficiency. The efficiency of heat recovery can be maintained at a constant high level, even in the toughest industrial applications. The heat recovery modules of the Kappa MTATM systems are cleaned automatically by the means of compressed air flushing and high-pressure water nozzles.

Efficient heating
and cooling
of industrial halls

The recovered heat can be used to heat fresh air for production or can be extracted for other production processes.

With Kappa MTATM, industrial halls can be efficiently heated or cooled. Normally, no additional constructional measures are required. The waste heat from production provides energy for an economically sensible temperature control of the hall. Additionally, geothermal and solar energy sources as well as conventional heat and cooling generators can be easily integrated and used for heating and/or cooling.

exhaust air purification

Industrial exhaust air is often polluted with emissions. This prevents a heat recovery with a high degree of efficiency.

The Kappa MTATM systems solves this problem by integrating an exhaust air module for a highly efficient filtration of the emissions carried along upstream of the energy recovery module.

Beside the energy recovery, the Kappa MTATM systems enable the integration of exhaust air purification modules for highly efficient filtration of industrial emissions and air treatment modules for fresh air conditioning (heating and cooling) in the industrial production.



The filter stages are individually configured according to the emissions to be separated. In the filtration of oil, emulsion and release agent mists, the resulting emissions are selectively separated in each stage until the finest mist droplets and aerosols are effectively filtered in the main filter stage. The principle of selective filtration leads to a significantly higher separation rate. Special adsorbent materials are used for the separation of gases and odours. They are characterised by a high reactivity and storage capacity. The intelligent design of the Kappa multi-chamber adsorbent filter cells ensures even loading of the adsorbent material. Bridging with emission breakthroughs into the clean air is prevented.

economic efficiency:

The Kappa MTATM series is characterised by a low overall system resistance. The total resistance is drastically reduced by exact calculations and optimum air flow. This measurably reduces the energy demand during operation.

Energy recovery:

Due to the production-related thermal flows, a considerable amount of waste heat is usually dissipated with the exhaust air. The Kappa MTATM systems enable the complete integration of a high-quality heat recovery module into the system. The high filtration efficiency of the upstream filter stages enables the use of heat exchanges with high efficiency. Optionally, the Kappa MTATM heat recovery module can be cleaned automatically by the means of compressed air flushing and high-pressure water nozzles.

Fresh air treatment:

The Kappa MTATM systems can be equipped with a high-quality fresh air treatment module to supply production with a high proportion of fresh air. The fresh air is filtered and used for heating, cooling or air conditioning.


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