Kappa Puron ®

indoor air filter unit
to improve air qualitäy and 
reduce a risk of infection – clean,
virus-, aerosol- and dust-free indoor air

Kappa Puron
Kappa Puron
Kappa Puron

Kappa Puron® SC is an innovative indoor air filter unit for highly and effective separation of aerosols, pollen, fine particles and viruses.

The system permanently cleans the air in the room and is used for healthy and virus-free indoor air. In this way, an infection risk can be reduced significantly and safety at work can be ensured.

Aerosol researchers tell us that infection with a virus occurs primarily through airborne virus transmission. All the more this makes safety concepts more important, in order to protect employees and customers. Therefore, Kappa Puron® SC air purifiers represent a possible and optimal solution. They permanently filter indoor air and ensure a low aerosol and viral load. The air filter units are ideal for rooms that are not or only less supported by fresh air via a ventilation system.





  • Active reduction of the viral load indoors because of highly effective separation of viruses as well as aerosols, bacteria, pollen and fine dust
  • More cleanliness, a better image, lower cleaning costs due to reduced deposits of fine dust and pollen
  • Very quiet: ~ 42 dB (A)
  • Draft-free air supply in 360 degrees
  • Suitable for rooms up to 70 m² - several devices can be placed in larger rooms.
  • Compact and aesthetic design - easy placement in the room
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