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Systems and turnkey plants for industrial air filtration and energy recovery.

Our air, energy and environmental technology is innovative and groundbreaking. It ensures maximum protection of the environment and healthy workplaces – free of harmful and stressful emissions. At the same time it reduces the energy input.


More than a vision –
the future of industrial manufacturing.

The continuous striving to improve people's health and quality of life through clean air drives us – true to our mission statement "THE FUTURE HAS ZERO EMISSIONS".

Ing. Mag. Klaus Krüger,
Managing Director and shareholder

Every system
and every plant
made by Kappa
added value:

  • largest possible emission separation
  • optimal energy efficiency
  • functional and aesthetic design
Graphic: The future has zero emissions


for healthy, future-proof and attractive jobs

Waste of energy

for efficient and economical production

Innovation & design

for a long-lasting and value investment

Our Technologies

Exhaust Air Technology

We develop and produce systems and plants for the efficient separation of industrial emissions.

  • Dedusting plants and units for the separation of industrial dusts (Fine dust filter, large dedusting systems, Compact filter units...)
  • Filter systems for the separation of mist and steam (oil mist separator, emulsion mist separators, release agent mist separators...)
  • Hybrid filter systems for the simultaneous separation of dust, aerosols and gaseous emissions and smells.

Ventilation Technology

We develop and produce systems and plants for industrial indoor air purification. Our solutions also efficiently and economically released large industrial halls from diffuse emissions and waste heat. The holisitc solutions include energy-optimized capture and separation of emissions, ventilation, heat recovery and air conditioning in production.

Energy Technology, Heating & Cooling

We develop and produce systems and plants that significantly reduce the energy requirements of ventilation systems and recover waste heat. Our holistic solutions enable an energy-efficient and comfortable heating and cooling of the hall. This reduces operating costs and increases resource efficiency significantly and measurably.

Linking of 
Ventilation Technology,
Exhaust Air Technology
& Energy Technik

We combine indoor air technology with exhaust air technology and energy technology in a unique way. The individual systems support each other and thus increase the function. Our years of experience and our unique know-how allow our customers to benefit twice: they receive a holistic solution with top performance, the acquisition and operating costs are lower than with standalone solutions.

Our Technologies

Our Corporate Group

The reliability
of a strong

Kappa was founded in 1993 by Klaus Krüger together with the Hainzl family and is part of the HAINZL Industriesysteme group of companies based in Linz. Together, we are today one of the leading international manufacturers of turnkey plants in industrial air pollution control.

The HAINZL group of companies comprises the following independent companies:

Filter Systems

Kappa is a leading supplier of high quality systems and turnkey plants for industrial air pollution control and energy recovery.

  • Exhaust Air Technology
  • Ventilation Technology
  • Energy Technology

Own Production, Own Assembly & Service Personnel

For us
of course.

Our systems are manufactured at our main plant in Linz using state-of-the-art production and assembly lines.

We also rely on our own personnel for site assembly and service.


own production

Our Quality

QUALITY – That's 
our benchmark!

All departments of the company are involved to ensure the highest quality and to satisfy our customers.


We ensure quality with ...

  • Consistent design planning of our systems and processes in plant engineering and in the development.
  • Careful selection of components.
  • Defined entry, intermediate and final testings.
  • High-quality measuring technology.
  • Continuous improvement processes. They are based on the suggestions for improvement of our employees, defined quality assurance groups and the analysis of error messages.
  • Training, further education, training and one's own professional training (including apprenticeship training at the main plant in Linz).


We regularly review our strict quality standards in the course of internal and external audits. But mistakes can happen to us as well. Therefore, we work consistently and sustainably to eradicate and prevent mistakes.

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