Would you have known? We eat between 0.5 and 1 kilogram food every day and drink between 1 and 2.5 litres.
And: We inhale 15 kilograms of air during this time.
It is time to pay as much attention to the air we breathe as to what we eat and drink.

Good air is indispensable

When we breathe, we cannot choose. Therefore, it is all the more important that the air around us is of good quality. This applies to indoor air as well as to the air outside.

Air is the best energy drink

Clean air has been proven to promote health and increase productivity, concentration, well-being and motivation. This makes pure air the most natural energy drink we can treat ourselves to.

What is high quality air anyway?

The quality of the air can be measured. It is high if nitrogen, oxygen, noble gases and carbon dioxide are present in a balanced ratio to each other and the proportion of air pollutants is as low as possible.

Kappa Airic®

The Kappa Airic® embodies our continuous aspiration to improve people’s health and quality of life through clean air – true to our mission statement “THE FUTURE HAS ZERO EMISSIONS”.

People in industrial production should be able to inhale healthy, clean air during their work – air as natural and clean as at Steyr’s Wehrgraben, where Kappa was founded in 1993.

The work of art was equipped with the latest technology. State-of-the-art measurement technology determines several thousand air quality measurements every minute. They are evaluated and compressed to a plausible value for air quality – the Kappa Air Quality Index. It documents the air quality at Steyr’s Wehrgraben. The high air quality at this location is the reference value for the air quality index developed by Kappa for industrial workplaces.

Kappa Air Quality Index AQI
Kappa Air Quality Index AQI
Kappa Air Quality Index AQI



Wir arbeiten derzeit an der nächsten Generation unserer Mess- und Analysezellen. Dabei ist es notwendig die Ermittlung des laufenden Air Quality Index zu unterbrechen. Der aktuell angezeigte AQI stellt einen beispielhaften und nicht den aktuellen Wert dar.

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