Kappa Safe Engine Exhaust Extraction System

Save, Extinguish,
Recover and

for this, the fire brigade, rescue and other emergency services pose great dangers.

A frequently disregarded and underestimated danger is diesel exhaust. They are carcinogenic. They endanger employees and comrades during exercises and in the field and have to be consistently removed from the operations centre.

The Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust extraction system captures the exhaust gases completely at the exhaust of the vehicle. The exhaust gases are discharged via a dense system from the vehicle hall. The extraction starts fully automatically and takes place completely until the vehicle has left the hall.

The installation of Kappa Safe™ is easy and fast.

Photo: fire fighting vehicles


No carcinogenic diesel exhaust:

Kappa Safe™ provides a clean deployment centre.
Carcinogenic diesel exhaust is completely removed from the vehicle hall.

Low energy consumption:

Kappa Safe™ will boot only when it is needed. It recognizes the vehicle start fully automatically and starts autonomously. After the vehicle has left the hall and all emissions have been removed, the system switches itself off, again autonomously.

Maximum comfort and safety:

At Kappa Safe™, each component is designed for ruggedness, durability and functionality. Optimal ergonomics ensure that every handgrip fits. The emergency forces can concentrate fully on their mission.

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