Exhaust air technology.
Ventilation technology.
One system.

Zero Emissions
at the workplace and
throughout the entire hall.
This is the claim of
Kappa A.I.R.

  • for clean air in the hall
  • for productive employees
  • for optimal production quality
  • for greater energy efficiency
  • for lower overall costs
Kappa Air

Kappa A.I.R.™
combines exhaust air technology
and ventilation technology
in one system.

Kappa A.I.R.™ actively reduces the amount of emissions and heat in the workplace and ensures clean air throughout the entire hall.

Kappa Air

Kappa A.I.R.™
is more economical
and efficient than
conventional indoor
air cleaning:

Movie Kappa Air

Fresh air

is introduced into the hall draught-free via Kappa DiffusorsTM which are placed on the floor. The clean air diffuses across the hall floor, flows around all obstacles and penetrates into all areas of the hall.

The fresh air does not mix with the polluted indoor air. This reduces the required air volume and all employees are permanently supplied with clean air. Emissions and waste heat are thus actively displaced from the work area. This reduces airborne emissions at the workplace considerably.

The fresh air pushes itself like a wedge under the emissions and waste heat. As a result, the mission-loaded hall air is displaced from the workstations and recreation areas to the hall ceilings. There, the emissions and heat waste are detected by the Kappa COCTM inflow elements – over the entire area, regardless of the source of the emission – and are fed to the cleaning unit via channels. Doing so, the emissions are separated efficiently and effectively using state-of-the art technology. Depending on the emissions, different filter systems are used. The separation efficiency of the filter systems is so high that in many cases the exhaust air can be recycled back into the hall in whole or in part. The highly efficient filtration of emissions makes it possible to recover the waste heat with a high degree of efficiency, and to use it for energy-efficient heating of the fresh air.


  • active removal of emissions and waste heat from the work area
  • clean halls
  • lower overall costs


  • Experience: Kappa has been installing in-hall air
    cleaning plants for more than two decades.
  • Accuracy: Kappa calculation tools allow
    accurate and energy-efficient planning and design
  • Quality: Kappa uses high-quality,
    self-developed component
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