Control, Regulation, Automatization

Kappa Zeromatic™

We offer a comprehensive
range of high-quality
and standardised
control and
automatization solutions.

The systems permanently increase safety and comfort. They are equipped with intelligent modules that reduce unnecessary peak powers. This significantly reduces the need for electricity and heat.


The Kappa EcomaticTM is an intelligent, decentralized control system for the automatization of extraction at the workplace and in the production processes.

Both activation and deactivation take place automatically.

If no work is done in a working area or on a machine, the Kappa EcomaticTM deactivates the extraction line of the higher-level extraction system. As soon as work is in progress, the extraction system is started. 

This significantly reduces energy consumption.

Kappa Ecomatic


  • Low electricity costs
  • Plug-and-play-system
  • Low installation costs
  • Simple adaptation to the respective workstation
    or the production process
  • Possibility of forming workstation groups
  • Integration into the higher-level process control


The Kappa Zeromatic®
is a new and
innovative system
for the automatization
of ventilation systems.

It allows the automatization of individual ventilation systems as well as entire, complex systems.

A library of standardized and freely parametrizable function blocks enables this intelligent structure. Depending on the requirements, the functions are individually selected and linked to each other.

The Kappa Zeromatic® automates and links air technology holistically with production. This means that the user always has an overview, regardless of the system of his air technology.

In the full expansion stage, the innovative concept links exhaust air technology, ventilation technology, process air technology, heat recovery, energy efficiency, heating and air conditioning, safety and comfort with the entire production infrastructure.

Kappa Zeromatic


  • One automatization solution
    for all air technological systems and plants
  • Integrated library of standardized and
    parameterizable function blocks
    (exhaust and process air, ventilation,
    air conditioning, energy recovery, energy
    efficiency, safety and comfort, connected cloud)
  • Comprehensive linkage of all function blocks
    to production plants, building services,
    process control systems and to external services
  • Ergonomic user interface and intuitive
    user guidance with self-explanatory symbols
  • Comprehensive documentation for operation,
    function sequence, parameterization
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