filter element
for building ventilation

Nanoparticle filter element

The first
filter element for 
particles in the nano range
with a pressure drops equivalent
to an F7 filter

Suitable for all ventilation systems


The Kappa Wavebionix® is a new and innovative nano-filter element for ventilation units.

It can be easily installed in ventilation units as an alternative to conventional pocket filters without any modifications.

The Kappa Wavebionix® is highly effective in separating pathogens and pathogenic substances such as viruses, bacteria, fine and ultra-fine dust, aerosols, soot particles, brake dust, microplastics and pollen. The Kappa Wavebionix® also saves energy.

Kappa Wavebionix
Kappa Wavebionix
Kappa Wavebionix


The Kappa Wavebionix® nano-filter elements efficiently separate particles and pathogens in the nano range - with the pressure drop of an F7 filter.


The effectiveness and filtration efficiency of the Kappa Wavebionix® nano-filter elements has been confirmed by OFI, an accredited testing and certification institute. For the first time, a filter element for ventilation systems was tested for its filtration efficiency in relation to active viruses. The result demonstrates a viral filtration efficiency of 97.2%.


Kappa Wavebionix® filter elements are made to order and fit into almost every ventilation unit. They can be used easily and without modifications instead of the previous pocket filters.


The Kappa Wavebionix® nano-filter elements separate ultra-fine dust, nano-particles and pathogens very effectively, thus ensuring healthy air in buildings.


Clean and fresh air increases performance. The Kappa Wavebionix® nano-filter elements increase cognitive performance and reduce errors, accidents, and work absences.


The Kappa Wavebionix® nano filter elements save large amounts of energy compared to filter elements with comparable separation performance. The high degree of filtration efficiency facilitates circulating air and mixed air operation. This saves large amounts of heating and cooling energy. For a typical medium-sized building ventilation system, this results in savings of approx. €7,000 annually. This corresponds to an annual CO2 reduction of 11,000 kg.


In accordance with general test standards, filter tests take generally place with so-called A2 fine dust (sand dust, dolomite dust). Ventilation filter elements, FFP2 or FFP3 masks are also tested by using this method. However, a filter test with sand dust has little meaningfulness about the separation of microorganisms or viruses. So far, there has been no test method for measuring viral filtration efficiency. Together with our research partners, we have developed a test procedure that enables testing under real conditions. As a result, viruses are applied to aerosols (as it happens in reality) and a filter element is exposed to the aerosol-virus mixture. We used an entire filter element and not just, as normally used, a material sample. Afterwards, the virus is analyzed in clean gas. The test is repeated several times to guarantee a valid result. The viruses used have a size of 28 nm (nanometer = 1 millionth of a millimeter) and are therefore five times smaller than the coronavirus. The test proves a viral filtration efficiency of 97.2%, which means that the separation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is rated even higher.

Innovation and technology

The innovation from Kappa is based on a special nano-fibre membrane embedded in a conventional dust filter material. The Wavebionix® shape of the membrane results in 2.5 times the filter area of a conventional dust filter. As a result, the pressure drop is extremely low and the retention capacity is high.

Kappa Wavebionix® filter elements are revolutionary in separating viruses, bacteria, aerosols and fine dust. Despite highest filtration performance, they are exceptionally economical, because of a very low pressure loss.





Conventional pocket filter
REM-Image magnification 1000-times

Kappa Wavebionix®
REM-Image magnification 1000-times

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