Kappa Mykron® is the
highest quality filter system
for the filtration of
industrial fine dusts
and smoke.

The revolutionary Kappa
Sequence Dedusting®
cleaning technology 

enables the filtration of fine particles in a dimension of a few nanoparticles.


Fine particles
are filtered around
30 percent better;
energy consumption
is reduced by up to
35 percent.


Kappa Mykron®
has a consistently
modular design.

The individual elements are assembled at the factory to precisely fit a filter tower. Complex installation and electrical work on-site are not required. Only the filter support and dust discharge need to be assembled on-site.

The modular system allows the creation of plants of any size. Even subsequent expansion is possible upon request, up to a maximum of 12 module rows above one another. For larger air volumes, several filter towers can be joined to form a large-scale plant. Due to this, economically air filtration from 5,000 to more than 250,000 cubic meters of air per hour can be achieved.

The compact version does not require on-site installation at all. The complete compact system integrates a high-performance radial fan, a silencer and electrical and control technology. The connection power of the compact design ranges from 5.5 kW up to 22 kW – unrivalled performance in a compact form.

Movie Mykron

improved filtration
of fine particles*

The patented Kappa Sequence Dedusting® cleaning technology inhibits the airflow through the filter element immediately during and after dedusting (peak effect). This is the main advantage over conventional filters with compressed air cleaning systems. The so-called peak effect results from the widening of the pores of the filter element due to the blast of compressed air and the flow reversal through suction that occurs immediately after the blast of compressed air. Kappa Sequence Dedusting® prevents this by removing the filter elements from the air stream during dedusting. The result is a 30% improvement in the filtration of fine particles under a diameter of 0.4 μm.

Bis zu 35%
energy savings*

With the Kappa Sequence Dedusting® cleaning systems, even fine dust can be effectively cleaned from the filter surface. This maintains system resistance and, as a result, power consumption is kept at a low level. The Kappa Nano+ filter elements support this perfectly. The functional nano-surface structure was developed over many years by Kappa for surface filtration.

The result is significantly reduced energy consumption by:

  • 27 percent for in-hall air cleaning.
  • 35 percent emission capturing directly at the source.
  • 33 percent for process air purification.


The clean gas area of the Kappa Mykron® is completely visible through large service doors made of safety glass. Each Kappa Nano+ filter element can be visually checked individually without effort. All functions are transparent. Through the use of safety glass, the dedusting noise is also optimally insulated.


* The values compare the Kappa Mykron® with a conventional cartridge filter unit under same conditions and correspond to the real results of numerous installations. The actual values are unique for each system.

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