Demand-based Capacity Control

Save energy –
air technology as flexible
as the production

Ventilation systems are generally designed for maximum power consumption at full capacity. This ensures that there is no shortage. But this is not taken into account enough in conventional control systems: full power is rarely required during normal operation. This means that too much electricity is consumed than necessary. If large quantities of air are moved, this usually causes many thousands of euros in superfluous operating costs.

The Kappa AirdynamicTM system minimizes resource consumption by adjusting the performance of air technology systems to current needs.

Thus, it significantly increases the energy efficiency of an overall system. It permanently controls the emission load of production lines and regulates the cleaning of hall air throughout the hall – completely automatically and reliably. If a lot is being produced (=high emission load), the system reports the increased power requirement to the plant. However, if the machines are not working at full capacity, the performance of the ventilation system is reduced to the necessary level.



  • Rapid amortisation due to high power savings of the higher-level ventilation system
  • Plug-and-play-system
  • Simple, quick and flexible assembly
  • High quality and reliable industrial design
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