collaborate better
with healthy indoor air

promotes team spirit

perform better
with healthy indoor air

increases productivity

be more protected
with healthy indoor air

protects health

live more sustainably
with healthy indoor air

saves resources


The Kappa Puron® SC is a room air filter designed to improve air quality and reduce the risk of infection. The filter system continuously separates viruses, aerosols, fine dust, pollen and germs from the air in a highly effective manner. This ensures healthy indoor air, free from viruses and pollutants.

With the Kappa Puron® SC, companies minimise their risk of infection and ensure consistently safe workplaces, thus promoting team spirit and increasing productivity in the wake of the pandemic.

The Kappa Puron® SC is ideal for rooms that are not or are insufficiently supplied with fresh air via a ventilation system.


Kappa Puron SC
Kappa Puron SC
Kappa Puron SC

Pure protection
99.995% filter efficiency

Scientific evidence confirms that viral infections spread through the air and throughout buildings. According to studies, almost all COVID-19 infections can be traced back to indoor transmission.

In order to maintain operations and to protect customers, high-quality indoor air is essential. The Kappa Puron® SC room air filter guarantees exactly that with its excellent filtration performance.


Pure air quality
Good air makes you feel good.

And the issue of indoor air quality will continue long after the coronavirus pandemic. We know that viruses are transmitted via aerosols. But germs, fine dust and pollen also bind to these airborne particles. The Kappa Puron® SC room air filter is able to remove all common pathogens that were there even before COVID-19.

Pure Productivity
Good air increases performance.

It has been proven that clean and fresh air promotes cognitive performance and concentration, reduces errors, increases occupational safety and generally improves well-being. So good air also promotes good ideas. However, it is even more important that companies implement good ideas consistently. Air quality is an often-neglected factor in office environments, but it is essential for our brain cells. Only with good air does our thinking apparatus remain permanently efficient and able to maintain focus and concentration over longer periods of time. So the Kappa Puron® SC helps you to think. Not only in the office, but also in the cafe or the university library.


Pure sustainability
Clean air helps the environment.

The Kappa Puron® SC is a pioneer in sustainable, healthy indoor air. Despite its high filter performance, it doesn't consume much energy: the Kappa Puron® SC ensures excellent energy efficiency.
The Puron® traps and binds emissions in its filter elements. They are unable to escape into the environment.

Pure Design
Good air is a matter of aesthetics.

Due to its compact shape and aesthetic design, the Kappa Puron® SC feels at home in every room and integrates seamlessly into any area. The circular construction enables the even distribution of fresh air.


Pure integration
Good air often goes unnoticed.

The noise level of the Kappa Puron® SC is only 42 dB(A). That's barely noticeable and roughly corresponds to the noise level of a refrigerator. With its high performance and 360-degree effect, the cleaned air is able to reach every corner of a room.


Pure timelessness
Good air is always in season.

In winter we are confronted with a multitude of viruses and germs. In the spring, many suffer from the effects of pollen. In addition, fine dust burdens our immune system all year round. That is why the Kappa Puron® SC uses filter elements that are also used in surgical rooms. Anyone who works in proximity to the Puron is not only protected from bouts of sneezing, but also from more serious pathogens. The whole year round.

Graphic: A round thing - sweeping attack
Photo: Kappa Puron SC three views

Innovation and technology

The Kappa Puron® SC room air filters are highly effective and offer a filtration performance that is otherwise only achieved in cleanrooms and healthcare facilities. For this purpose, the filter unit is equipped with an innovative and new type of filter element, which separates even foreign substances in the micron range with a high degree of effectiveness. This is a three-layer filter medium with a highly effective microfibre layer. This is embedded as a middle layer between two protective fleeces that also act as filters. Contact with the filter layer is thus prevented.

The filter material is certified according to the European standard EN 1822 and retains 99.995% of foreign particles. Out of every 100.000 particles, only five will manage to pass through the filter elements of the Kappa Puron®.

With its first-class filtration characteristics and high air output, the Puron® is able to continuously clean the room air. When in operation, healthy indoor air is quickly established.


  conventional room air filter Kappa Puron® SC room air filter
Filtermaterial: Single- to multi-layered structure - base material based on glass fibres or various synthetic fleeces.

Three-layer filter material - the core consists of nano-fibre filter material for maximum filtration efficiency

Filter efficiency: Medium to high, depending on the version 99.995% filtration efficiency (Class H14); out of 100,000 particles only five will pass through the filter element
Filter area / service life: Low-to-medium filter area and service life

Very large filter area of 15 m², resulting in a long service life

Energy efficiency: Low to high Very high, 45 watts for standard performance
Noise volume: Comparatively loud, 50-60 dB(A) 42 dB(A) at standard output, which is roughly the same as a refrigerator
Effective area: Target effect - mostly in one or two directions 

360-degree effect (filter effect, air circulation)

Design: low to high High-quality aesthetic design in industry standard
Dimensions / weight: comparatively large and heavy design small, compact design, only 40 kg
Additional benefits: can be used as a table
Mobility: static mobile
Graphic: Kappa Puron Tiger: Here! you breathe clean air. breathewell Kappa Puron inside





»Many different teams from a wide range of sectors meet at our tables at lunchtime. If someone were to pass on an infection here, it would trigger a chain reaction. In the worst case, entire departments of companies could be shut down. With the Puron® SC, we stop this potential chain reaction in its tracks. The guests can fully concentrate on their conversations and the taste experience in front of them. And with it a piece of normality.«

Heike Pettermann, owner of  Brasserie Im Stadtgut

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Haut- & Laserzentrum
Berchtesgadener Land

»Optimal air hygiene is crucial to safe working. For us, this also includes continuous cleaning of the room air in our skin & laser centre. To protect both our patients and our staff, we immediately invested in room air filters. Thanks to our decisive action, we were able to protect our entire team and work continuously throughout all phases of the pandemic.«

Dr. med. Helmut Hahn, dermatologist and partner at Haut- &
Laserzentrum Berchtesgadener Land

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Digital Solutions

»Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to simply offer free apples in the office. Highly qualified workers require holistically optimised workplaces. The pandemic has also made us pay greater attention to good air quality. With the Puron® SC, VACE has found a way to meet the demands of its employees and to be able to continuously offer them high-quality indoor air. It is an investment that not only has a positive effect on the employer-employee relationship, but also on our team spirit. And thus also on our productivity.«

DI Klaus Kremmair, Managing Director of VACE Digital Solutions

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Technical data

Air output: Level 01: 600 m³/h; Level 02: 900 m³/h
Effective range:

360-degree air purification and distribution

Recommended room sizes: suitable for rooms up to approx. 50 m2 (Level 01) or approx. 75 m2 (Level 02) with a 4-6-fold air circulation

Level 01: < 42 dB(A); Level 02: 52 < 52 dB(A); According to VDI 2058, Sheet 3, a sound level of below 55 dB(A) is recommended for general office work and 55 dB(A) for predominantly intellectual work

Electrical connection:

Power consumption: 230 V, power approx. 45 W at 600 m³/h, approx. 100 W at 900 m³/h

Dimensions: height approx. 1100 mm, Ø 500 mm without table top, Ø 700 mm with table top
Weight: approx. 40 kg
Logo: seal certification


When there are fewer people in a room, the transmission of viruses is made more difficult. However, more (infected) people also transmit more viruses. In order to counter the activity in your office, you can either ventilate vigorously 6 times per hour, or set up a Puron® SC in highly frequented rooms (meeting rooms, common areas).

This is a prime example of how the Kappa Puron® SC room air filter is ideally used. It ensures that the children benefit from excellent air quality, even in winter. In addition, at 45 dB(A) the device is so quiet that it will not disrupt lessons.

The Kappa Puron® SC room air filter protects your employees. Thanks to the Puron's excellent virus filter performance, the probability of getting an infection is significantly reduced. This, in turn, prevents a chain reaction of absences.

The Kappa Puron® is used, for example, in offices and administration buildings, in banks, event and training facilities (schools, universities, seminar rooms, etc.), in the health sector (GP surgeries and health facilities) as well as in the HoReCa industry.

No. However, the Kappa Puron® room air filter makes a significant contribution to minimising the risk of infection.

The Kappa Puron® permanently cleans the room air and distributes the cleaned air in a draught-free manner 360° throughout the room. A ventilation system must be introduced to supply rooms with fresh air.

Ventilation systems (even those with 100% fresh air) usually have a built-in heat exchanger. And these heat exchangers are not aerosol-tight. This requirement is a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In supposedly 100% fresh air mode, there is still 4-12% circulating air due to leakage air. Many times, this is all it takes to get infected.

Yes. But the external air flow should be maximised, so that the room is supplied with as much fresh air as possible. However, this means that ice-cold air is drawn in during winter, which must be heated before it is brought into the room. But the majority of systems are not designed for such a heating capacity, which is why the control system automatically switches on the circulating air. This process is usually carried out automatically by modern systems, which regulate the amount of circulating air required depending on the outside air temperature and the heat output. So the viruses continue to spread around the room.

In such systems and for areas in which ventilation systems are not or insufficiently effective, the Kappa Puron® is the only way to consistently ensure good air quality.

A single multi-layer filter element. The innovative and new type of filter element separates even foreign substances in the micron range with a high degree of effectiveness. This is a three-layer filter medium with a highly effective microfibre layer. This is embedded as a middle layer between two protective fleeces that also act as filters. Contact with the filter layer is thus prevented.

Optionally, the Kappa Puron® SC can be equipped or retrofitted with an activated carbon filter element.

We recommend having the device serviced once a year and replacing the main filter element at least every two years.

The Kappa Puron® SC has two performance settings. The first stage called "Efficiency" is intended for areas with a footfall of around 20 people per hour. The second, "Power", is best suited to areas with a footfall of around 30 people per hour.

Yes. We only recommend the addition of a second device for rooms larger than 70 m2.

Without the table top, the Kappa Puron® SC room air filter weighs 35 kilograms. With the table top added, the room air filter weighs just 40 kilograms.

Activated carbon filter elements can be added optionally.

Yes, the Kappa Puron® room air filter is also available for rental. The rental contract can be terminated at the end of a month any time after the minimum rental period has been concluded.

EPA-H14 suitability results as per EN 1822 (corresponds to class ISO 45 H according to ISO 29463).

The Puron® SC can be purchased directly from our web shop (LINK).

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