Kappa Suction Hoods

Comprehensive range
of suction hoods with or without storage capacity
for the collection of different emissions
for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The Kappa suction hoods
are characterised by an
extremely robust yet
lightweight construction.

Kappa suction hoods with storage capacity

The emitted emissions are completely captured on the bottom of the suction hood via specially arranged suction slots. This creates a constant flow to the suction slots on the surface of the bottom of the hood. Emissions are thus captured evenly and completely. At the same time, the required extraction volume is considerably reduced compared to conventional enclosures and hoods. The suction slot collection also protects against foreign bodies.

Kappa Suction Hoods
Kappa Suction Hoods
Kappa Suction Hoods

On the side of the suction hoods there are clamping strips with an intelligent claw holder for the suspension of strip curtains. The strip curtains are used to encapsulate the emissions. They provide an optimum storage capacity for the emissions to be discharged and also serve as a sight protection.

Maintenance and cleaning ports are located on the front side through which deposits can be easily removed.

Kappa suction hoods without storage capacity

In special applications, emissions are often difficult to measure using hoods with a sufficient storage capacity. In these cases, we have comprehensive know-how for the correct design, dimensioning and installation of special extraction hoods without storage volumes such as nozzle hoods or hoods with vortex extraction.

That characterizes
Kappa suction hoods:

  • robust yet lightweight industrial design
  • minimum exhaust air volume
  • simple, quick and flexible assembly
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