Explosion protection is a
complex topic, both
from a technical as well as
from a legal point of view.

We attach the highest importance to this topic. We have extensive know-how in the assessment, planning and construction of ventilation systems that comply with the applicable explosion protection guidelines – in particular the ATEX guideline.


Legal basis
according to ATEX

The ATEX guideline (ATmosphère EXplosibles) is the basis for explosion protection measures. ATEX applies in Europe to all companies in which there are potentially explosive areas or plants. ATEX harmonises the legal regulations of the EU countries and imposes obligations on both operators and manufacturers. The EU guideline is implemented by national legislation.

Obligations of the operator
according to ATEX

The operator has to assess the explosion hazards for all processes and under different operating conditions. On the basis of this assessment, the operator is obliged to define hazard levels (Ex-zones).

In order to protect the employees, a catalogue of measures has to be in place about preventing explosions and about the behaviour after explosions. The operator is obliged to monitor the compliance of the defined measures. Organisational measures need to be controlled by operating instructions. The process is recorded in an explosion protection document. All the data and protective measures determined are listed there.

Obligations of the manufacturer
according to ATEX

Plant and machine manufacturers are also obligated by ATEX. They need to submit a plan for the standard-compliant design and construction of the plant. The hazard potential of plants or machines is determined in a risk analysis. Moreover, proper use and operating conditions have to be defined. The plant is classified in equipment categories. Once the standard and risk analysis has been carried out, the plant can be designed and realized. A conformity assessment including the corresponding marking is required as well.


dedusting systems

The Kappa IPR-ATEX deduster was developed for the filtration applications where the formation of an explosive atmosphere cannot be excluded. The modular design allows adaptation to different volume flows and equipment with technical explosion protection.

The integrated ISP pre-separator („Integrated Separator Panel“) effectively filters coarse dusts, sparks, glowing particles and everything similar before they reach the filter elements. The fine particles are filtered on the surface of the special filter elements. They are automatically cleaned by the Injector-Pulse process with compressed air and collected in the large dust collection container – which can be individually configured.

The designs of the Kappa IPR-ATEX range from antistatic and ignition source-free variants to those with comprehensive tertiary explosion protection measures – such as explosion suppression.


  • Exact adaptation to the respective ATEX protection concept with comprehensive accessories
  • Use for a wide variety of dust emissions and hybrid mixtures (fine dust, coarse dust, mixtures)
  • High filtration performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple construction, easy to operate, stable industrial design
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