Kappa Waveline®

Das Beste aus zwei Welten –
die Vorteile von Filterschlauch &
Starrkörperfilter in einem Filterelement.

Kappa Waveline
Kappa Waveline
Kappa Waveline

Bag filters are considered as robust and reliable dedusting systems for a wide variety of applications and production processes. With technological progress, however, the requirements for modern bag filters are also changing. With changing production processes, the filter elements must consequently also be optimized. However, this adaptation is often associated with considerable effort. The newly developed filter bag for bag filters offers a solution.

Kappa Waveline®
On a wavelength with lower energy costs.

Kappa Waveline®
filter bag

On a wavelength with lower energy costs.


Kappa Waveline®
is based
on a completely new,
patented concept.

The filter element combines the advantages of a filter bag with those of a rigid body filter.


Our newly developed and internationally patented filter hose Kappa Waveline® has a 25% increased filter surface compared to conventional filter elements – with the same installation size. This reduces the filter surface load while maintaining the same air performance, which leads to a massive reduction in energy costs. The Kappa Waveline® filter hose can be easily installed in existing bag filter systems.


Kappa Waveline®:

25% more power

The Kappa Waveline® filter hose has 25% more filter surface than a conventional filter hose. As a result, the air capacity of existing bag filters can be increased by 25% with the same filter surface load without modifications.

30% electricity saving

The increased filter surface leads to a lower filter surface load with the same volume flow. The result is a 30% reduction in power consumption and, as a result, lower operating costs.

50% compressed air saving

The 25% larger filter area supports the cleaning effect and reduces the number of necessary cleaning sequences. This improved cleaning results in compressed air savings of 50%.

ROI unter 2 years

The reduced energy consumption leads to high savings. As a result, the Kappa Waveline® pays for itself in a short time.


The construction:

Only high-quality filter materials are used for the Kappa Waveline®.

The longitudinal and circular seams are sewn three times. The floor sleeve is multi-layered. This ensures consistently high filtration performance, durability and optimum protection against wear and abrasion. In the Waveline®, filter materials for all common filter applications, filter materials for high-temperature applications, chemical-resistant requirements, membrane filter materials and many more can be used. are processed.

The filter hose head can be designed individually. A high-quality double snap ring ensures a perfect fit and optimal sealing as standard. The filter elements can be installed and removed without tools.

The filter elements have sturdy hand straps with an integrated identification number. This shortens and simplifies assembly and enables a simple check of the correctness of the filter elements used.

Safety & Comfort:

The star-shaped Kappa Waveline-Cage support basket provides the necessary physical protection for the Kappa Waveline® filter elements. The filter material lays down gently and wrinkle-free. In this way, the entire extended filter surface can be used.

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