Kappa Zeron®

Integrative – One building,
one system,
all functions

Kappa Zeron
Kappa Zeron
Kappa Zeron

Large dedusting systems force compromises – while planning, dimensioning and installation. They are often at the expense of functionality and profitability. For example, the investment costs have to be weighed against the operating costs, the available space against the space requirement of a plant. A compromise has to be made between optimum and maximum filter throughput, as well as between optimum and minimum dimensioning of the air ducts.

Kappa Zeron®
puts an end to
artifices and

All functions are compactly integrated in one large dedusting system. It works efficiently and economically.


Kappa Zeron®
is based on a
completely new,
patented concept

made of solid concrete panels. Kappa Zeron® sets new standards in terms of functionality, profitability, safety, comfort and lasting value. What was previously state-of-the-art is now measurably surpassed.



of large-format solid concrete panels turns a filter system into a building in which all functions are integrated. This results in optimum air flow without turbulences. The overall resistance decreases. The energy requirement is significantly reduced compared to conventional systems.


Kappa Zeron®:

Integrative –
one building, one system,
all functions

From the pre-separation chamber to filter chambers and fans (including the entire air supply and exhaust to the chimney) – everything is integrated in the Kappa Zeron®.

& soundproof

So far, large filters have been assembled from thousands of sheet metal parts. They have to be sealed in a complex, error-prone manner, as fine dust and gases get through even the smallest leak. In addition, the housing often has to be completely covered to reduce noise. This is not the case with Zeron. It is constructed from large-format panels of special composite concrete. Zeron is a gas, emission and soundproof industrial filter building – acoustically insulated to the outside and thermally insulated to the inside.

Stable in value
& aesthetic –
tomorrow’s industry
has a friendly

Modern, clean and safe workplaces are increasingly becoming a question of location, especially in industry. Kappa Zeron® gives industry a completely new appearance – clean, attractive and safe. Kappa Zeron® is no longer perceived as a filter system but appears as an independent, high-quality industrial building of lasting value.


... cooperate on dust collection systems
    for the iron and steel industry.

    Further information on cooperation can be found here.







The entire filter building is emissiontight and soundproof. The clean gas values are less than 0.5mg/m³. This is 10 to 40 times less than the international limit values.




By integrating all functional areas in one filter building, Kappa Zeron® optimizes the entire air flow. Turbulences are prevented and economic efficiency is increased. Kappa Zeron® reduces power consumption by 26 percent compare to conventional systems. The installation of the filter system is considerably faster than with conventional ones.

Safety &

By integrating all functional components in one filter building, all operating areas are protected from the weather and easily accessible. With a resistance of 15,000 kg/m², the surface of Kappa Zeron® has the highest pressure resistance.



Lasting value &

Due to its intelligent design, Kappa Zeron® has smooth inner walls and does not require bracing. With a resistance of 15,000 kg/m² its surface has the highest pressure resistance. All functional components are weatherproof and easily accessible.


Kappa Zeron® represents architecture and design at the highest level. Kappa Zeron® is not perceived as a filter, but as a high-quality environmental technology building. Kappa Zeron® contributes to the image of a company as a modern and future-proof employer.

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