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We set high standards
on our work:
We create the best
air-technical solution for
our customers, which in
the long term is the
most economical one. 

That's why we developed KappaQ. The concept follows a holistic approach. It does not neglect any aspect and simplifies all complex relationships. KappaQ is the tool with which we can work out an optimal overall solution for every individual goal of our customers.

KappaQ is based on five modules, which in turn are optimized by five levers (5x5 concept).


  • Module 01: Emission
    As complete as possible collection and separation of industrial emissions
  • Module 02: Energy
    Lowest energy requirements and the best possible recovery of energy
  • Module 03: Safety
    Highest security
  • Module 04: Comfort
    Optimal comfort and ergonomics, ease of use and maintenance
  • Module 05: Value
    Maximum value retention and longevity


  • Lever 01: Q-Design
    Optimal selection, design, and sizing of the solution
  • Lever 02: Q-Components
    Optimal design and sizing of components
  • Lever 03: Q-Recovery
    Recovering emissions and energy
  • Lever 04: Q-OnDemand
    Adjustment of plant operation to meet your needs
  • Lever 05: Q-LongUse
    Lifetime service

When optimizing ventilation systems, not only individual areas must be considered, the entire process chain must be analyzed. The result of holistic optimization: The best ventilation solution, which in the long term is also the most economical.

Plant Construction

from industrial
manufacturing often suffer
employees, facilities,
and the environment.


The challenges for the factory of the future are obvious: processes must become safer, more efficient and cleaner, and energy resources must be spared.

This is the aim of our innovative and integrated systems, plants and all accompanying services. Our services are characterized by a high degree of innovation and give our customers a clear competitive advantage.

We offer our customers convenience and an efficient technological solution, which is also the most economical and cost-effective in the long term.

We do not supply components.
We create high performance solutions for our customers.

We think holistically: from the problem analysis, the planning, over the intensive consultation and optimal support up to a reliable after sales service.

Three steps to a turnkey solution.

Schritt 1
Consulting & Planning - Consulting and Engineering

  • Consulting and planning
  • Conducting studies and expertise
  • Survey of the actual situation (AIRqualityScan, EnergyScan)
  • Elaboration of different approaches
  • Evaluation of different approaches
  • Recommendation for an optimal solution
  • Engineering for explosion-technical installations (according to ATEX)

Schritt 2
Construction - Turnkey Solutions (Turnkey Solutions)

  • Plant design (basic engineering)
  • Government support (submission documents, facility approval procedure, authority engineering)
  • Plant Detail Planning (Detail Engineering)
  • Turnkey plant installation (turn-key)
  • Execution of ATEX-compliant systems
  • Commissioning, proof of service provision
  • Training
  • Support for investment subsidies (promotion management)

Schritt 3
System Support - After Sales

  • Inspection and verification
  • Service
  • Testing and service of explosion-technical installations (according to ATEX)
  • Plant monitoring, preventive maintenance
  • Remodeling and extension
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Preparation of reports and expert opinions
Photo: Plant Construction

Modernste Umweltmesstechnik

We are an
authorized office for
environmental measurements

Our experienced and highly qualified environmental engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring technology and laboratory equipment for environmental analysis. The results and evaluations of the fluidic parameters, the GLV/TLV measurements, the exhaust air measurement and further data are documented in the Kappa measurement protocol.

Our services include:

  • Emission measurements at the workplace (GLV/TLV value measurements)
  • Determination of emission levels and their spread
  • Measurements of indoor air concentration
  • Raw gas measurement
  • Clean gas measurements
  • Sound level measurements

New Building Or Replacement Investment

No matter if new building,
conversion or extension
of a plant.

Our services optimize air technology and save costs along the entire life of a future-proof, industrial production.

We take into account the entire production infrastructure as well as the interface of production technology, building services and production buildings.

Holistic optimization of indoor air and exhaust air technology brings decisive advantages for building and production technology:

  • The investment costs are minimized.
  • The operating costs are reduced.
  • The potential for energy recovery is fully exploited.
  • Even after years, the low residual emissions are still well below the prescribed limit values.

High Quality Products

solutions are
no coincidence.

We are a development driven company with a high research quota. In this way, we create solutions and products of consistently high quality and with absolute reliability. They ensure an optimal working environment for the protection of employees, production facilities and buildings and for maximum energy efficiency. Our concepts, systems and products often redefine the state of the art - for example, in the separation of fine dust and nanoparticles, the large-scale dedusting, the elimination of diffuse emissions, energy recovery or air diffusion.

High Quality Products

Industry Sectors

Because every business
is different,
we have a separate
solution for each.

Industrial air pollution
and energy efficiency
along the entire
manufacturing chain is a
thing of experience.
We care about these industries:

  • Automotive and vehicle industry, automotive supplier
  • Chemical industry
  • Printing and paper industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Energy industry
  • Fire brigades and operational centers
  • Aircraft industry
  • Foundries
    Iron and steel casting
    Light metal casting
    Non-ferrous metal casting
  • Glass industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Food industry
  • Job shop
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metallbe- und metallverarbeitende Industrie
  • Metalworking
    Iron and Steel Works
    Lightweight Metal Plants
    Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Steel, apparatus and boiler construction
  • Stone and earth industry
  • Composite industry
  • Cement industry
  • a. o.
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