Kappa Suction Arms

Comprehensive range
of suction arms for the collection
of different emissions
for a wide variety of
industrial applications.


  • Suction arms for low volume flows
  • Suction arms with internal joints
  • Suction arms with external joints
  • Suction arm extensions

Kappa MM

Kappa MM
The Kappa MM suction arm is ideally suited for direct capture of emissions in processes with low extraction capacity requirements. It is easy to operate and completely flexible.
It is characterized by high performance and versatility.
Emissions such as dust, odours, solder and solvent vapours etc. are effectively extracted with a low air volume. The unhindered air flow enables high air speeds.
The diameter is 75 or 100 millimetres and the maximum working radius is 1,500 or 2,100 millimetres.

Kappa KUA

Kappa KUA
The Kappa KUA suction arm is the perfect all-rounder for flexible use. Inner and outer arms are connected to an external intermediate joint. The entire arm can be moved via a ball bearing on the mounting bracket with a working radius of 360 °. The internal support mechanism with tension springs and joints ensure simple and accurate adjustability.

The suction funnel can be swivelled in all directions up to an angle of 110 degrees and has a manual throttle valve. The circumferential gripper ring enables fast handling. A protective grid in the hopper prevents the suction of cloths, foils, paper and the like.

The suction arm can optionally be equipped with a halogen lamp in the funnel. Kappa KUA has a diameter of 160 millimetres and a maximum working radius of 4,000 millimetres.

Kappa MSA

Kappa MSA
The suction arm Kappa MSA allows a completely unhindered air flow without turbulences. The joints are outside the airflow. This ensures energy-efficient emission removal, low pressure loss and no turbulences or deposits.

The outer and inner tubes are connected by a gas-spring parallelogram construction. A safety jacket protects them from damage.

The design allows flexible positioning within the working area. The suction arm is very easy to move. The hopper can be swivelled to all sides. The circumferential gripping ring enables fast handling. The suction arm is equipped with light metal tubes elements and an external support mechanism with adjustable gas pressure springs and friction joints.

The suction arm Kappa MSA has a diameter of 125, 160 or 200 millimetres and a maximum working radius of 4,000 millimetres.

Kappa FM Extension

Kappa FM Extension
The Kappa FM extension arm extends the working radius of the Kappa KUA suction arm by up to 4,500 millimetres. The suction arm is mounted on the swivelling suction arm extension Kappa FM.
A running rail is attached to the extension arm on which tools, cables and hoses up to a weight of 50 kilograms can be suspended.
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