Bachelor- Master- diploma thesis

Final sprint.

Diploma theses at Kappa. Since 1998.


In the final phase of your studies it will be really exciting once again. The academic work gives you the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of your choice and prove yourself as an expert in a field. Depending on the subject, Kappa gives you 3-9 months to do this.


Here we go!


  • Process-oriented innovation and development management
  • project management in plant construction
  • data protection management at Kappa
  • The product supplier matrix
  • Optimisation of the logistics chain of Kappa series product
  • warehouse management
  • C-parts management
  • Development of an internationalisation concept
  • Sales concept for a market innovation
  • Quantitative evaluation of diffuse dust emissions
  • Industrial waste heat utilisation
  • Demand-optimised controls
  • Creation of an energy efficiency guideline
  • Implementation of an XML-based editorial system
  • Technical product management in plant construction
  • Separation efficiencies and design of post-filter stages

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