She is persistent, never loses sight of the goal and always finds a way. This refers not only to their mountain tours but also to her role in the acquisition process to identify specific requirements for emission recording at the interested party and to present Kappa as the best cooperation partner.


Hello Herta. Acquisition.
What does that actually mean?

Many manufacturing companies produce airborne emissions that must be collected and filtered to protect employees and the environment. I discuss with the responsible persons which work processes produce harmful emissions. I convey to the contact persons that we can offer them the highest benefit for emission separation and industrial ventilation technology. It is important to convey not only competence, but also credibility and honesty. If my contact person now wants to have a conversation on site because he has a specific application for us, I try to find out as many details as possible that are relevant for us and inform the sales colleagues who then go to the site. So I open the door for my colleagues.

Sounds different than usual.

If I do my job right, I have aroused interest, created a good basis for discussion, gained trust, asked the right questions and presented Kappa in an interesting way. This way I become privy to specific investments. And if these are not yet in place, I create the basis for further discussions.

Well, then you're not doing a "mundane job".
How do you perfect that?

My previous professional experiences have always been in connection with presenting, convincing, selling. I like to arouse the "I also want to have" need for a product or a service in the conversation partner. Therefore, I practice communication, voice and speech techniques again and again. In addition, I can apply much of what I have learned in appropriate training on a mental and psychological basis. It is easy for me to organise my work tasks well.

You need all that for your job?

Yes! Communication on the telephone is the acoustic business card of a company. The evaluation by the contact person happens in the first sentence and shapes the image of our company.

Communication is so versatile, it is much more than speaking and formulating sentences. Some things remain unspoken and can still be heard. It is so exciting to keep the conversation going, to build bridges from one level of conversation to another. I pass this knowledge on to every new employee in appropriate training courses.

What challenges you particularly in your task?

Acquisition requires perseverance, there are hardly any quick successes. Many contacts to the target customers are consistently developed over the years. If, during this time, the name Kappa is inseparably linked with "clean air" among the contact persons, and the image is completed with the values of competent, reliable and honest, we have a good chance to work out and implement the best for them.

And why is your job so important?

Environmental protection is an issue that no one can ignore. The cleanest possible working environment should be a matter of course for every employee. I can make a valuable contribution to this in my work. It is not only about the present, but also about ensuring that clean air remains a matter of course for our future generations.

So you are a nature-loving person?

I live out my closeness to nature in my garden work. But I still prefer mountaineering, hiking and swimming in our nearby lakes. For me, it's an everyday luxury to go to a lake after work and enjoy the sunset there. Occasional city trips and cultural events are always interesting for me.

So how did you end up at Kappa?

Through referral management :) The brother of a friend of mine already worked for Kappa and asked me if I wanted to do something new after maternity leave.

It's that easy?

When someone you value personally gives a reference, it has great value. It quickly became clear that the job was interesting and varied. And that the cooperation with superiors and colleagues is appreciative and friendly. It is also important for me that I can identify with the corporate philosophy. Everything just fits!

What are your future plans for Kappa?

I joined the Kappa team to start the new customer acquisition for Germany. By now, the largest turnover from plant construction comes from Germany. Many of today's regular customers originate from the acquisition process. I am very happy about this and at the same time it spurs me on to lay the groundwork for many more Kappa customers. I want to play my part in ensuring that the Kappa brand is inseparably associated with clean air.

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