An excellent technician.
A smart footballer.
An avid football fan.
Katrin dispenses with the usual clichés and carries our spirit into the world.

Project engineer Environmental technology

you are one of our best technicians.
How do you become one?

Thanks for the flattery :) On the training side, I completed my studies at the University of Leoben in the field of industrial environmental protection. I started at Kappa as a project engineer in environmental technology and then developed towards process engineering. In the beginning I supported the engineering team, later I did it independently. Due to a major project I subsequently leaned more towards system construction / project handling. In addition to my job as a technician, I also train on sound-insulation topics in the company.

That sounds very extensive and exciting. 
Has the job met your expectations?

Yes, definitely. This is exactly the reason why I decided on this job. Straight after your studies you are given a lot of responsibility at Kappa and you can work as a technical all-rounder. Above all, the job brings with it a lot of variety. That was and is still important to me.

How would you describe variety in technology?

As a project engineer for environmental technology, I supervise the project from the preparation of the offer up to the customer acceptance. This includes many different tasks, such as the planning and design of the plant, the compilation of the associated parts lists through to assembly instructions and commissioning. Automation technology is always a challenge for me. It is a good thing that the respective specialists can be consulted for complex issues.

That means you work a lot with your colleagues, too?

It's the only way.
You often talk to each other over coffee and you can learn from the others. It is simply a feeling of cohesion when you work on projects and pull together.

And what else do you do?

Enjoy my free time!
I usually spend my weekends in southern Styria with my family and meet many of my friends. We are currently renovating our house, which is why I invest a lot of time in planning and implementation. Before that I was an active member of a football club, now I'm an avid fan and like to travel abroad for matches. I generally like to travel and I am also often on the road on business. I can go to places I haven't been before.

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