Start of the health campaign KappaFIT

Start of the health campaign KappaFIT


Kappa launches a comprehensive employee health promotion program. The program is called KappaFIT and is based on three pillars: nutrition, exercise and mental strength. The vitality and creativity of the employees should be strengthened, and the working atmosphere should be sustainably positive.


"Our innovative air purification systems ensure clean production halls and reduce the pollution in the environment," says Klaus Krüger, Managing Partner of Kappa. "It's all the more important to me that our employees are healthy and vital, and that they enjoy their work at Kappa. The KappaFIT program promotes cooperation in the company, makes everyone happy and enhances personal well-being."

The WHO defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" and not alone as the "absence of disease and affliction". Krüger: "We use the KappaFIT program for exactly this holistic approach."


The program KappaFIT includes ...

  • in der Säule Ernährung vergünstigte Mittagsmenüs, Vitaltage mit biologischem Obst, Gemüse, Müsli und Joghurt aus der Region.
  • in der Säule Bewegung eine Rückentrainingsschule mit Unterstützung von Sportphysiotherapeut sowie verschiedene Sport- und Bewegungsveranstaltungen/treffs.
  • in der Säule mentale Stärke Atemvitalität sowie Expertenvorträge rund um das Thema „mentale Stärke“.
  • In the pillar "nutrition", reduced-price lunch menus, vitality days with organic fruit, vegetables, muesli and yoghurt from the region.
  • In the pillar "movement" a back training school with support of sports physiotherapist as well as various sports and motor events / meetings.
  • In the pillar "mental strength" breath vitality as well as expert lectures around the topic "mental strength".


"The project itself thrives on dynamism and initiative. The content and the form of the activities are variable, the impulses come from the employees, "says Matthias Mauhart, co-initiator of the program and project manager at Kappa.


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