Industrial workplace cooling for all occasions – efficient and economical

Industrial workplace cooling for all occasions – efficient and economical


Next summer will come. When the temperature climbs to more than 30 degrees Celsius, the focus will again shift to cooling the halls. And then it’s too late to make changes for improved comfort and productivity decreases. In ventilation technology, comfort is defined as the state in which a person feels most comfortable. This is a subjective assessment. Precise physical limits are therefore difficult to find, rather than a comfort zone. It is largely dependent on the temperature. But also humidity, air movement (draft air) and, of course, air quality.

The requirements for cooling and temperature control are different:

  • To cool individual workplaces, it is often sufficient to noticeably reduce the indoor temperature relative to the outside temperature.
  • In halls with high-precision production, a defined and usually narrow temperature range must be maintained.


Whatever the task, intelligent systems from Kappa ensure efficient and economical cooling and heating in the hall.


1. Cooling industrial workplaces efficiently

Kappa CC CoolTM is the solution for halls in which strong thermal processes do not take place (e.g., installation or testing activities, mechanical processing with good suction, storage, etc.). Until now, they could hardly be cooled at all or only at great expense.

CC stands for Corporate Comfort. The system works with the air diffusion developed by Kappa. It ensures even and pleasant cooling. Conditioned supply air is distributed through Kappa DiffusorsTM in all areas of the hall to be cooled. It slides like a wedge under the hall air without mixing with it.

Air diffusion can be used for both cooling and heating. It is absolutely draft air-free and is perceived as very pleasant. Its effect is, therefore, comparable to that of convective underfloor heating. The supply air is prepared in the Kappa MTATM system. The supply air is prepared as required from pure fresh air from outside or from fresh air combined with circulating air (filtered, cooled or heated).

Kappa CC CoolTM ensures cool and fresh supply air in the hall and thus good air quality at the workplace. In short: Kappa CC CoolTM creates comfort – fresh coolness and clean supply air. And the Kappa CC CoolTM can also be used for heating during the heating season. The advantage over conventional cooling and heating systems such as radiant cooling and heating such as underfloor heating or radiators is that the temperature is controlled in real time and cold and heat are immediately available. Plus, additional constructional measures such as concrete core activation are unnecessary.

The system also uses cool evening, night and morning air through the automation module, Kappa CC FreeCoolingTM. All surfaces in the hall store the cold and serve as a cold buffer during the day. Kappa CC FreeCoolingTM does not require refrigeration for cooling. The conserved cold cools the hall air during the day by releasing cold from the surfaces.

Kappa CC CoolTM in overview:

  • Individual work and hall areas are efficiently cooled or heated.
  • Cold or heat is available in real time and immediately.
  • The temperature control is perceived as comfortable.
  • Defined work and hall areas are supplied with clean supply air.
  • Economical cooling support using cool night air by Kappa CC FreeCoolingTM without external cooling energy supply


2. Keep halls in exact temperature range - active cooling and heating (temperature control and air conditioning)

High-precision production processes usually require perfect temperature control of the hall and only allow a narrow temperature range. The Kappa A.I.R.TM system was developed for these requirements.

Kappa A.I.R.TM combines extraction technology, ventilation technology and energy technology in one system. The complete solution ensures that the individual modules are optimally matched to each other. This begins with the collection and filtration of industrial emissions and ends with precise heating and cooling.

Kappa A.I.R.TM uses the innovative air diffusion developed by Kappa. For this purpose, Kappa DiffusorsTM are placed on the floor of the hall. They ensure diffusion of the cooled fresh air. This is done without annoying draft air. The fresh air does not mix with the hall air and flows around all obstacles. All workplaces in the hall are thus supplied with fresh air over a large area. A stable fresh air pool forms in the entire working area after only a short time. It displaces excess heat and emissions from work and recreational areas upwards to the hall ceiling. There, they are collected and discharged over their entire surface with adjustable Kappa COCTM extraction plates.

In the Kappa MTATM exhaust air cleaning and air treatment station, the exhaust air is cleaned and the accompanying excess heat is recovered. The fresh air is also processed – it is filtered, cooled or heated.

Kappa A.I.R.TM efficiently and economically brings the entire hall to the desired temperature. The required temperature range can be maintained throughout the year.

Kappa A.I.R.TM in overview:

  • The entire hall is economically heated or cooled.
  • Cold or heat is available in real time and immediately.
  • The temperature is perceived as very comfortable.
  • The entire hall is supplied with fresh air.
  • Emission levels are reduced throughout the hall.
  • Emissions and excess heat are dissipated from the entire hall, without accumulating emissions and overheating the hall.
  • The excess heat is recovered.


3. Kappa cold and heat sources

Kappa cooling and heating systems can be easily and efficiently combined with all existing state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems: adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling), geothermal energy (well water), solar thermal energy, heat pumps, etc.


4. Kappa Bonus

  • Experience: for more than two decades Kappa has been planning, implementing and maintaining systems for cooling, heating halls and in-hall air cleaning.
  • Accuracy: with exact calculation tools from its own Development Department, Kappa calculates how a plant must be designed accurately, reliably and energy-efficiently.
  • Quality: Kappa uses only high-quality and self-developed key components. They are characterised by a maximum of function and economy.



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