Three good reasons for hall cooling

Three good reasons for hall cooling


The focus in the temperature control of industrial halls continues to be on heating. However, the demands placed on working and production conditions are increasing and workers' demands for comfort have changed.


This puts the cooling of industrial halls at the centre of attention. Heating systems, hall air cleaning systems and ventilation systems are increasingly being expanded or combined with cooling.

This trend continues.

A number of questions arise: how can efficient and economical cooling and heating of industrial halls be implemented? How can a cooling system also be integrated into existing buildings?


Why does cooling industrial halls make sense?

  • Production
    It is often necessary to keep the room ­temperature within a small range. Cooling is absolutely essential, especially for high-precision production.
  • Work performance
    People's work performance decreases rapidly as the heat increases. At the same time, the frequency of accidents increases. This is another reason why hall cooling is an economic argument.
  • Comfort
    Both salaried and manual workers know air-conditioned halls. A pleasant, temperature-controlled hall, even in midsummer, has long been demanded and is an advantage in the battle for qualified specialist personnel.


Kappa has decades of experience in cooling and heating industrial halls and has developed numerous systems and components for this purpose. Kappa systems cool or heat efficiently and economically. As a rule, no additional constructional measures – such as concrete core activation – are necessary. Kappa systems work according to the principle of air diffusion. They ensure even and pleasant cooling or heating.


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