When bag filters have reached their limits: The time has come for Kappa Ekon<sup>®</sup>

When bag filters have reached their limits: The time has come for Kappa Ekon®


Dusts are released in numerous industrial processes. From the perspective of health, in addition to the composition and properties of the substance, the size of the dust particles is also relevant. For this reason, a distinction is made between coarse dust and fine dust. This differentiation is also decisive for filtration technology. As a rule, coarse dust can be easily deposited using conventional bag filter technology. The efficient and economical filtration of fine dusts is considerably more complex. Bag filter systems are therefore designed and operated with a low filtration velocity. This further increases the already large capacity requirements of bag filter systems. If there is insufficient space for this where the emissions occur, modules must be positioned elsewhere. This of course increases investment and operating costs.

The new Kappa Ekon® de-dusting system provides an economical solution to this problem. The Kappa Ekon® provides an alternative to bag filters and offers excellent performance data. The space requirements are reduced by half, the energy consumption by a third. The clean gas values are also improved by half.

Thanks to its construction, the Kappa Ekon® enables a compact filtration of coarse dust and fine dust in a single system. The technology is based on the intelligent ducting of air through the filter system and the integration of the raw and clean gas ducts. The dust-laden air is fed into the filter in an energy-efficient manner that facilitates the effective removal of coarse particles. The fine dust fraction flows smoothly and at low velocity across the entire height of the filter to the filter elements. Due to this concept, upstream external separation units - for example separation chambers or pre-separators - are not necessary. The combination of coarse and fine dust filtration into a single system reduces the required space, and significantly increases filtration efficiency. In addition, the investment costs and - thanks to the energy-efficient operation - also the ongoing operating costs are reduced.


Modular construction ensures quick installatio

In contrast to conventional bag filters, the Kappa Ekon® is constructed from modules which fit together precisely. These are assemblies of prefabricated elements that are assembled on-site according to the 'Lego' principle. This facilitates the rapid installation of large de-dusting systems on construction sites. Everything fits together perfectly, and any leaks and malfunctions, such as the penetration of dusts into the clean gas area, are prevented. Through the employment of identical modules, it is possible to realize both medium-sized and large-scale systems with an air output of more than one million cubic meters per hour in a space-saving manner. The required footprint can be halved, when compared to conventional systems.

The intelligent design of the system has led to flow-optimized duct work. Air supply and extraction are integrated into the overall concept. In conjunction with the newly developed filter elements, this significantly reduces overall resistance. The Kappa Ekon® reduces energy consumption by about one third during operation.


Case study

Through use of the Kappa Ekon®, a clean gas value of well below 0.5 mg/m³ was achieved. This corresponds to one-fortieth of the set clean gas limit value according to the currently valid TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control). The power consumption is only 500 kW at an exhaust air output of 530,000 m³/h. The current technology requires around 900 kW. The space requirements were reduced by 60 percent.


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