Kappa AIRDRY<sup>TM</sup> – One filter system for all oil and emulsion mists

Kappa AIRDRYTM – One filter system for all oil and emulsion mists


As varied as the requirements are for cooling lubricants, so is their composition. And that also applies to the airborne emissions released. They represent a cocktail of different components. The Kappa Airdry filter system takes this into account and distinguishes itself from conventional mist filter systems.

It is intelligent. And multi-functional: the new KSS mist filter system Kappa AirdryTM. Unlike conventional filter units for cooling lubricant mists, the Kappa AirdryTM allows individual configuration to the corresponding application in a unit – for oil mists or emulsion mists as well as for very moist or even dry emissions, where high or low levels of raw gas prevail.


Individually configurable filter system

The Kappa AirdryTM is the only filter system that can be individually configured for all cooling lubricants - one multi-functional filter system for all oil and emulsion mists. Unlike any other filter system, it allows for different tasks to be handled uniquely, in that different filter stages can be individually configured and changed. Even during changeover to another cooling lubricant, the Kappa AirdryTM can be adjusted to the changing framework conditions.


Minimum resistance at maximum output

The intelligent duct works without turbulence and the high quality filter levels with excellent self-cleaning properties ensure low system resistance at maximum output. This ensures low energy consumption. Compared to a conventional fibrous filter, the resistance can be significantly reduced.


The Kappa AirdryTM oil and emulsion mist separator is characterised by:

  • precisely tuned to the respective application
  • universally usable for all cooling lubricants, oils and emulsions
  • easy to adapt for changed process conditions
  • high filtration performance
  • low energy consumption
  • simple construction, easy to operate, stable heavy-duty type


Kappa Filter Systems GmbH
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