Advantages of a system modernisation with KappaFit

Advantages of a system modernisation with KappaFit


KappaFit represents the program for the modernisation of existing air and energy technology systems. It includes service packages that enable existing systems to be comprehensively modernised so that they meet current requirements. In addition to function, the benefit aspects of economy, safety, comfort and value retention are addressed and optimised.

What does KappaFit stand for?

The English word "fit" stands for "adapting" in this case. KappaFit thus describes the life-long support and optimisation of air treatment systems. They should be continuously maintained, kept in good condition and, if necessary, brought up to date. Even if components are exchanged, extended or changed in the process, the basic features of the system remain intact.


Advantages of a KappaFit system modernisation

Before an older system is replaced, it is worthwhile evaluating a modernisation. Aging systems can usually be upgraded so well that they often do not have to shy away from comparison with new systems. Here you will find a list of advantages that speak for a KappaFit system modernisation:

1. Improved functionality and higher productivity

The function of the existing system is increased through targeted modernisation measures. A KappaFit system modernisation thus ensures better system performance.

2. Increased energy efficiency

The energy consumption of existing systems can often be significantly increased with only small measures. In the course of a KappaFit system modernisation, the energy efficiency is comprehensively assessed, and measures to reduce operating costs are implemented.

3. Future-proof automation and digitalisation

A modernisation can often only be made future-proof through intelligent digitalisation. The hardware and software are often no longer available or are no longer supported. This makes maintenance more difficult and unplanned downtime cannot be avoided. In the course of a KappaFit system modernisation, we optimise existing systems using intelligent and future-proof hardware and software modules.

4. Cost savings

The cost of modernisation is compared with the cost of a new investment, thus determining the economic feasibility  of the measures. As a rule, the expenses for a modernisation are lower than those for a new acquisition.

5. Guaranteed availability

Spare and wear parts are often not available for older systems. With a KappaFit system modernisation, we ensure in time that the necessary installation parts are available and easy to procure also in future.

6. More safety

With a KappaFit system modernisation, we ensure that existing systems can be operated safely and that they comply with current standards and regulations.

7. Extended lifetime

With a KappaFit system modernisation you ensure functional, economical and safe operation of your existing systems. This extends the useful life of your existing systems.

8. Practices

The operators have been accustomed to the functioning of an existing system for years. A new system often requires extensive training, while an existing system is well known. Through a KappaFit system modernisation, only those parts that have been modernised need to be re-learned. The expenditure for this is low.


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