System modernisation – a fitness program for air treatment systems, for the full life of the system

System modernisation – a fitness program for air treatment systems, for the full life of the system


Changed process conditions, increased power, reduced operating costs, increased system safety, improved system availability, etc. – the reasons for system modernisation are manifold.

Roland Brandl, project manager at Kappa Filter Service for many years, has a lot to say about this, and he finds something to improve in almost every existing system. Regardless of whether the aim is to reduce operating costs or increase function, safety and comfort. Roland Brandl: "Systems are designed according to the initial situation at the time of their acquisition. Over the years, however, production and process conditions change continuously. It is extended, reduced, adapted, rebuilt, machines are added or removed, the piping and duct work is changed and much more. But the condition of the system also changes continuously due to natural wear and tear. The consequences are: the systems don't work properly and unnecessarily consume energy."


These are exactly the experiences Roland Brandl and his Kappa colleagues have time and again. And this was also the starting point for the development of the KappaFit program for system modernisation. It comprises numerous intelligent performance packages with which existing air treatment systems can be operated better, more economically, more safely, more comfortably and for longer.


Fitness for your system - the performance packages from KappaFit:

As part of the KappaFit performance packages we assess the ACTUAL and TARGET parameters, and together with you we optimise the performance, economy, safety, comfort and service life of your air treatment systems. The basis for this is our comprehensive understanding of processes and our many years of experience in the planning, implementation and servicing of air and energy technology systems. If necessary, individual components are added, removed, exchanged, extended or modified. Even the automation - the heart and brain of the system - will also be brought up to date.


With the help of the following five service packages, the benefits of system modernisation can be maximised:


1. Functional packages

Air treatment systems have numerous functions to fulfil: emissions must be captured, dissipated and filtered. The production and work processes must be supplied with fresh air and much more. Air is a very dynamic element - it always follows the path of least resistance and is sometimes missing in tight spaces. Even the smallest changes have a significant effect on the function. The KappaFit function packages are aimed at increasing, expanding and optimising the power of existing systems.

Examples of this are:

  • Optimisation of the capture, duct work, filter technology and pneumatic cleaning
  • Supply of work areas and halls with fresh air
  • Heating of work areas and halls
  • Cooling of work areas and halls


2. Profitability packages

The lifelong operating costs of air treatment systems often exceed the acquisition costs many times over. The KappaFit profitability packages therefore aim to reduce and optimise the operating costs of existing systems.

Examples of this are:

  • Demand-based power control - optimisation of system operation (adjusting system operation to actual demand, replacing spare parts at the most economical time, using energy-efficient components, etc.)
  • Energy recovery - recovering and using residual energy


3. Safety packages

Safety-relevant conditions also change during operation. Even small changes can result in the system no longer being operated within the intended use or outside the risks considered. Immediate measures must be taken, especially in the case of flammable and explosive emissions and environments. 

The KappaFit safety packages aim to ensure that existing systems are operated safely and in accordance with standards and regulations.

Examples of this are:

  • Inspection of safety-related components
  • Conformity assessment - Assessment of CE conformity in case of modifications
  • Fire safety assessment
  • Explosion protection assessment according to ATEX directive


4. Comfort packages

The comfort of existing systems essentially determines the acceptance and the benefit for the operator. Intelligent automation is of central importance here, because the full benefits of system modernisation can only be achieved with a certain degree of digital maturity. However, the remaining service packages listed here are also supported or only made possible by the system modernisation.

The KappaFit comfort packages aim to significantly improve the use of existing systems by providing optimal transparency of all processes.

Examples of this are:

  • System operation – operation via different control stations, from the master office to mobile devices
  • System communication – provision of all required information on the system and its transfer to defined control systems
  • System monitoring – transparent presentation of all system performance parameters and analyses of the system history, including forecasts and recommendations for safe and economical system operation


5. Value retention packages

Air treatment systems are high-quality economic assets and in many cases a prerequisite for industrial production. Apart from the building and the corresponding machinery, they are therefore part of the basic infrastructure. The KappaFit value retention packages support the user in meeting his compliance obligations towards his employees, neighbours and the environment. They also aim to extend the economic life of existing systems.

Examples of this are:

  • Emission tracking – real-time overview of the emission load in the hall and in the exhaust air
  • Predictive maintenance – predictive maintenance based on system data and intelligent forecasts before standstills or reduced power occurs


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