Extraction chambers are unique - just like the tasks

Extraction chambers are unique - just like the tasks


During production, it is often necessary to decouple certain processes. Due to heat, emissions or noise, or because quality control requires it. "Half-measures" don't work.

Kappa designs extraction chambers for their partners that meet all the requirements of the employees and ensure smooth and sustainable production. 





Whenever something is decoupled from production, extraction chambers are necessary

Kappa work chambers are the ideal solution when certain work or production processes are to be decoupled from the existing production. The reasons are many.

Emissions can make canning necessary - examples of this are noise and sound emissions, but also harmful emissions such as fine dust and even explosive emissions.

High quality requirements for the production process or the manufactured product can also make it necessary to separate them from the rest of the workflow.


Kappa work chambers are characterised by the following features:

  • Ergonomics
  • Sound insulation
  • Emission protection
  • Fresh-air supply
  • Equipment package
  • Durable


Optimal ergonomics

A Kappa work chamber is a room within a room that ensures optimal ergonomics - the length, depth and height of the work chamber are adjusted for this purpose. Large window fronts and possible gates and doors ensure maximum light exposure. Work processes and tools are taken into account during planning and - if possible - integrated into the chamber.


Sound and emission protection (sound equipment, extraction equipment)

Kappa work chambers provide optimum protection against noise, emissions (dusts, mists, vapours, exhaust fumes) as well as excess heat and warmth. Depending on the requirements, extraction equipment such as extraction walls, extraction arms, extraction tables, extraction bonnets and the like are integrated into the chambers.  


Fresh-air supply (room air equipment)

Depending on the design and size, Kappa work chambers have an integrated ventilation system. Duct work makes the best possible use of physics and ensures optimum health protection for the employees.


Lighting (illumination equipment)

Kappa work chambers are bright and friendly and are equipped with their own, energy-efficient lighting equipment. They ensure that all work areas are optimally lit.


Extensive equipment package

The technical equipment of the Kappa extraction chambers is individually adapted to the respective requirement. This includes, for example, electric gates, movable walls, segments or ceilings, integrated media supply, cranes and other similar equipment.


High-quality and durable design

Kappa extraction chambers are designed for industrial use. The mechanical design and the entire electrical and electronic systems are of high quality, durable and robust.


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