Kappa BF

Kappa BF

The Kappa BF filter systems are characterised by their compact, modular design.
They can be equipped with different filter elements.

The products of the BF-series are basic models, which include all essential functions of an extraction and filter system and are characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio. The models are available with different motors and filter equipment.

Depending on the version, the polluted air flows into the filter from the side or from above. The installed filter stages are adapted to the respective application. The intelligent module design enables to equip the system with different filter modules – even subsequently. The emissions are filtered step by step and high effectively down to the finest fractions. High-quality absorbent separators can also be used to filter gaseous emissions and odours.

The series covers applications from 200m³/h to 800m³/h air performance.

Kappa BF

fields of application

  • Soldering operations
  • Laser processing
  • Working processes with sticky or moist dust
  • Working processes with vapours or gases
  • Working processes in noise-sensitive environments
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