Kappa FP

Kappa FP

Depending on their type, Kappa FP filter systems are equipped with one or more cleanable filter elements.

They can be cleaned manually or with compressed air. The system is particularly suitable for applications in which large quantities of dry dust need to be suctioned.

Compared to systems with saturation filters, very long filter service lives are achieved. The application of a separating layer on the filter surfaces („precoating“) also enables the filtration of sticky and moist dusts.

The Kappa FP series is equipped with filter elements that allow filtered dust to be removed from the filter surfaces with compressed air injection. The dust produced is disposed via removable dust collection containers. If required, a dust bag can be inserted for low-contamination dust removal.

Due to the use of special high-performance fans and turbines, the plants have a high effective air volume flow. This makes it possible to use them for several workplaces. Depending on the application, the plant can also be equipped with particle or activated carbon/BAC filters.

The series covers applications from 200m³/h to 1,500m³/h air performance.

Kappa FP
Kappa FP

Kappa FP

fields of application

  • Laser processing
  • Mechanical processing
    (grinding, deburring, milling, drilling, cutting)
  • Transfer and packaging processes,
    feeding and conveying processes
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