We set high standards
on our work:
We create the best
air-technical solution for
our customers, which in
the long term is the
most economical one. 

That's why we developed KappaQ. The concept follows a holistic approach. It does not neglect any aspect and simplifies all complex relationships. KappaQ is the tool with which we can work out an optimal overall solution for every individual goal of our customers.

KappaQ is based on five modules, which in turn are optimized by five levers (5x5 concept).


  • Module 01: Emission
    As complete as possible collection and separation of industrial emissions
  • Module 02: Energy
    Lowest energy requirements and the best possible recovery of energy
  • Module 03: Safety
    Highest security
  • Module 04: Comfort
    Optimal comfort and ergonomics, ease of use and maintenance
  • Module 05: Value
    Maximum value retention and longevity


  • Lever 01: Q-Design
    Optimal selection, design, and sizing of the solution
  • Lever 02: Q-Components
    Optimal design and sizing of components
  • Lever 03: Q-Recovery
    Recovering emissions and energy
  • Lever 04: Q-OnDemand
    Adjustment of plant operation to meet your needs
  • Lever 05: Q-LongUse
    Lifetime service

When optimizing ventilation systems, not only individual areas must be considered, the entire process chain must be analyzed. The result of holistic optimization: The best ventilation solution, which in the long term is also the most economical.

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