He's our Kappa doc. With regular check-ups and inspections he ensures that our systems have an (almost) infinite life span. That's why Florian is always on the road. During the week as a service technician, on weekends with US cars and jet skis.

Service technician

Hello Florian. Your work is anything but sitting at a desk. What does your daily work routine look like?

As a service technician I am responsible for ensuring that our filter systems still run, even after many years, just like they did on the first day. To do this I carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs on our own and third party system. I also advise customers on technical queries and carry out personnel training on the systems.

So during the inspection you put the system through its paces. How does something like this work?

First of all, a distinction must be made between air treatment inspections, hygiene inspections and Ex system inspections. I travel directly to the customers and then start with measuring work and functional tests. I then formulate this actual situation in a report. Depending on what comes out of the test, I then work out solution suggestions to optimise the system, or recommend any necessary repairs.

That means you travel a lot?

Actually, I'm almost always on the road. From Monday to Friday I'm on-site with my customers. I come back home at noon on Friday. I never wanted an office job. Here I can be on tour a lot and still be at home every week - not at all obvious as a service technician for large, complex systems.

You speak of the complexity of the systems. What do you have to bring with you to do this job?

I did an apprenticeship in mechatronics at Hainzl and then grew into this role. It's mostly learning-by-doing. In addition, I have taken specific courses such as explosion protection, fire protection technology, VDI 6022 etc.

These are the best prerequisites. Are there still challenges?

There are daily challenges, especially when acute problems occur at the customers' facilities. I can either fix the error via remote maintenance, or I have to look for the error directly on-site. To do this I need good electrical engineering, as well as electronics and software knowledge. In general, I would say that 80% of my job is concerned with electrical, measurement and control technology.

Sounds very exciting and varied. Do you enjoy your job?

I like that I'm my own boss with the customer. I can completely organise the job myself, especially the daily routines. Through constant customer contact you get to know many different characters. You have to adapt to each customer anew and need a lot of people skills. But that's what makes it varied, as you said before. Another point that contributes to the fun in the job is the working atmosphere. Above all, because my many years of experience mean that I am committed to our new service technicians, helping to shape their training and also actively accompanying them. I just like this job and the people I work with. There's nothing more to say.

So what do you do on weekends when work stops?

Then I enjoy being at home in the garden and spending time with my family and friends. In my spare time I enjoy US cars, and if the weather is fine I can be found several times a year on jet skis. As you can see, I am a petrolhead, whether on the road or on the water.

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