Anyone like Sandra who has been around since the turn of the millennium knows Kappa down to the smallest screw, of course.Perhaps this is the reason why the enthusiastic show jumper and skier feels most at home in the spare parts business.

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Hello Sandra. You have been part of the Kappa team since the turn of the millennium. Judging by your youthful appearance, you probably joined Kappa right after school?

Almost. I completed the HLW in Steyr and was then employed by a transport company for 14 months. There I did everything from order processing, scheduling, correspondence in English/French to payroll and even cleaning.

Then how did you end up with Kappa?

I already wrote the application during the last school year. It didn't work out right away, but my records were kept on file. A few months later I was contacted that a suitable position was available if I was interested. I was actually no longer looking for a job, but that suited me well. I immediately had a good feeling and saw the chance to really get involved with Kappa.

And were your expectations fulfilled?

Yes, definitely.  I started out as a commercial project manager. In this position I learned everything about our plants, but most of all I took a lot of technical knowledge with me and was on site at the plants some of the time. From time to time, I received spare parts and service offers for processing and in some cases made acquisitions for the spare parts business. In 2002 I had the idea to centralise the spare parts and maintenance business and I got the chance to start on my own. In 2003 the new department was officially presented and has grown ever since.

Has your role changed with the growth?

Of course.  I went on maternity leave in 2009 and then introduced our merchandise management system for our Düsseldorf branch in 2011. Since summer 2012 I am fully back in the filter service. Currently I am responsible for the spare parts offers and for the coordination of spare parts orders.

What do you particularly like about your current job?

The variety.  Troubleshooting is always a very challenging task, but it's a lot of fun, because you can always see what can be done in a very short time. And of course working with my girls. The tasks are clearly assigned. Since everyone knows what to do, there is no overlap or friction here. This makes for a very good atmosphere.

Are these also the reasons why you have been with Kappa for so many years?

Among others.  I can identify very well with the company. The company is constantly developing, so the job remains very exciting for me. I like to work independently and under my own responsibility and can also work from home. This enables me to optimally combine work and family.

Do you already know which direction your job will take next?

I would like to push the spare parts business further. Our customers are also constantly developing, so I don't want to miss the changing needs and always know what is needed.

How do you wind down after work?

With my family and my two horses. By working together with the animals your own state of mind is reflected. You have to have the animals on your side and be even-tempered, you can see this very clearly, especially in show jumping. A passion of mine in winter - skiing.

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