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KappaQ-Energy onDemand


The fourth lever »onDemand« deals with the synchronization of the air performance to the current demand.

The system should only run at full power when the demand is high. Low production loads should be identified by the system, and the air output should be adjusted accordingly. This is the only way for the air treatment system to continuously work at the best possible operating point in terms of energy. Our experience has shown that synchronization can reduce energy requirements by more than 50%.

Our recommendation


  • Use the experience in your company and draw on the know-how of external partners to consider all the options for system automation and automatic power control of your air treatment systems.
  • Determine the required maximum and minimum power - as well as the average power - and the resulting savings.

Case study
power control

By retrofitting a Kappa AirdynamicTM intelligent automation system in a production and assembly plant, Kappa was able to adapt the power control of the ventilation to the demand in real time.

In the course of routine maintenance, we were able to identify the potential for energy savings for the customer through load-dependent power control. Together with the customer, we analyzed the initial situation and created a utilization profile for them. Resulting from this, we were able to determine the final savings.

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  • By retrofitting the load-dependent Kappa AirdynamicTM control, the customer saves 470,000 kWh of electricity annually.
  • This corresponds to annual CO2 savings of 344,040 kg, as well as the CO2 filtration of 27,520 fully grown beech trees.





KappaQ-Energy is the energy saving concept for minimizing the energy costs of ventilation systems.

It illustrates which factors influence the energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems and which levers make it possible to massively reduce energy use permanently and sustainably.

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