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KappaQ-Energy Recovery


The third lever »Recovery« emphasizes energy recovery.

Finally, recovered and reused residual energy massively reduces the primary energy requirement. One of the core energy resource concepts in ventilation technology is the recovery of excess heat from the exhaust air flow. Heat recovery makes energy that would otherwise be diverted and thus lost usable. This saves heating energy and costs. Because the energy that is recovered no longer has to be generated from scratch.

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  • Use the experience in your company and draw on the know-how of external partners to consider all options for recovering energy and excess heat.
  • Find out how the recovered energy can be used most efficiently and assess the savings from energy recovery.

Case study
energy recovery

A foundry asked us to plan the primary and secondary dedusting for the entire foundry plant. As part of our analysis, we showed the customer that there is a lot of energy contained within the cleaned exhaust air.

Based on this, we worked out a concept by which they were able to recover and reuse the excess heat in an economic manner. In addition to the actual heat recovery, another key factor was the upstream high-level filtration of the emissions contained in the exhaust air. With the overall concept, the customer ensures optimal collection, removal and filtration of the fine dust produced and at the same time an energy-efficient supply of fresh air throughout the entire foundry hall.

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  • A total of 2,340,000 kWh of excess heat is recovered annually.
  • This corresponds to annual CO2 savings of 1,712,800 kg, as well as the CO2 filtration of 137,030 fully grown beech trees.







KappaQ-Energy is the energy saving concept for minimizing the energy costs of ventilation systems.

It illustrates which factors influence the energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems and which levers make it possible to massively reduce energy use permanently and sustainably.

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