Operate ventilation systems
virus-proof and save energy
at the same time

»A safe return to the office«
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Kappa Wavebionix® virus filters
ensure high air quality
and optimal energy efficiency

We are currently confronted with rapidly increasing energy costs across Europe. At the same time, however, another wave of the pandemic is also taking hold, and we are once again increasingly sticking to our trusted working environments and indoor spaces. Many modern offices are now air-conditioned. Especially in the summer months, many employees are happy to be able to work in the office again, away from social interactions. However, this also means that ventilation systems are running at full speed, with their energy requirements being extremely high. In addition, it has been clear since the onset of the pandemic that good air plays a key role in a healthy office.

So how can those responsible manage the balancing act of providing employees with a safe workplace while counteracting increased energy requirements? A possible solution can be found in the new Wavebionix® filter element.

Ventilation devices' filter elements have many tasks these days: On the one hand, they have to ensure a high air flow rate and thus a high air exchange rate in the building. On the other, they have to clean the air from foreign substances such as aerosols and pathogens in a highly efficient manner.

Kappa Wavebionix® ensures the highest air quality and saves energy at the same time
The Wavebionix® is the first filter insert for ventilation devices that has been tested with ultrafine active viruses. Accredited Austrian testing laboratory OFI confirms its efficiency with a "viral filtration efficiency" of 97.2%. And this excellent separation performance is also the key to preventing the possible spread of pollutants throughout the building via the ventilation. However, this also affects the energy required to operate the ventilation system. High separation efficiency equals higher power requirements! But this is not the case when using Wavebionix® filter elements. Thanks to the intelligent structure, the active filter surface can be applied in multiple layers. This means that the air quality is ten times better than when using conventional filters, yet with the same air flow rate and resistance. Due to the high degree of separation, the fresh air can be safely mixed with cleaned exhaust air, for example when heating or cooling. This in turn leads to an enormous reduction in heating costs: by up to 60%, to be precise.

Kappa Wavebionix® uses principles derived from nature
The special features of the Wavebionix® are its low pressure drop and its high storage capacity. Its active filter membrane is interwoven with the carrier material in such an innovative way that the surface area is increased many times over. This slows down the flow of air, lengthens the time it takes to pass through, and greatly increases the possibility for binding airborne substances such as viruses and aerosols to the membrane. This principle of radical surface enlargement is common in nature, and therefore this is what we named our air filter element after.


Kappa Wavebionix® fits in all common ventilation units
And the Wavebionix® has another significant advantage: During development, we made sure that the filter element fits in almost every ventilation device. This allows existing ventilation systems to be expanded into an energy-efficient protection system without the need for conversion.


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With the Wavebionix® filter element, the idea is to massively improve the air quality when ventilating buildings, thereby significantly reducing energy costs.

"As the operator of one of the most modern production facilities for agricultural machinery in the world, for us 'health at work', 'conservation of resources' and 'energy efficiency' are not just buzzwords, but a lived reality that is directly related to our products. With the use of Wavebionix® in our offices, this maxim is also reflected in our reduced energy costs. We now work together not only more safely, but also more cost-effectively." Günter Brinkrolf, Building Services & Energy Supply, CLAAS Group




»A safe return to the office«

Good air quality depends on numerous factors. In order to reduce the associated complexity, we have developed the »A safe return to the office« initiative.

This initiative minimises the risk of infection, prevents absenteeism, reduces follow-up costs and even lowers energy consumption.

Because the key to a healthy and efficient office is the air.

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