Innovative In-Hall Air Cleaning System at Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH for low concentration of air pollutants in the workplace and optimum energy efficiency

Innovative In-Hall Air Cleaning System at Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH for low concentration of air pollutants in the workplace and optimum energy efficiency.


Tyrol is proud of its nature, mountains and fresh air and is also proud of its products, which are used and appreciated worldwide. This is the case for Liebherr, which is the group's only plant in Telfs that produces bulldozers and crawler loaders as well as pipelayers and telescopic handlers. Alongside modern production technologies, great emphasis is placed on workplace and environmental safety. Therefore, in 2014, an innovative new In-Hall Air Cleaning System made by Kappa was installed in the steelwork area. Kappa was able to save energy and heating costs in addition to efficiently keeping the air in the steel production hall clean. "With this investment, we have demonstrated that the security and safety of our employees are of primary concern within our company. In addition, this shows our clear commitment to the production site in Telfs," said Alexander Katrycz, Head of Marketing at Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH.

Active reduction of concentration of air pollutants in the workplace

The innovative In-Hall Air Cleaning System not only provides clean air and minimises air pollution, but it also reduces energy costs. Kappa has achieved this "squaring of the circle" by intelligently combining exhaust air, ventilation and air conditioning technology within one system. The emissions are drawn from the entire steelworks area and deposited in the highly effective Kappa Mykron® fine dust filter. This technology allows much better performance in the removal of fine and superfine dust compared to conventional systems. This is dust that could otherwise penetrate into the alveoli of the respiratory system. Environmental protection therefore also becomes health and safety at work. A total amount of 140,000 m³/h of exhaust air is highly purified. Due to the excellent removal efficiency of the filter system, the exhaust heat produced in the process can be recovered with a high degree of efficiency. The production hall can therefore be heated almost without any additional energy. The heat recovery system has a capacity of 1,100 kW.


This is well below the legal limit.

The Kappa air supply system ensures a uniform supply of fresh air. Clean air is brought uniformly into the work area, free from contaminants, at the right temperature and without any draught or turbulence. The concentration of dust in the workplace is well below the stipulated 1 mg/m³ and is therefore well below the legal limit.

"The air quality in the welding area is now excellent thanks to our new In-Hall Air Cleaning System. Despite the low outdoor temperatures in winter, we had hardly auxiliary heating. Before this, we lost the excess heat through the roof, but now we can use it." Johann Struc, Head of the labour organisation at Liebherr-Werk Telfs.


As flexible as the production

"The Kappa Airdynamic System permanently monitors the emission load in the production area and regulates the air cleaning throughout the hall accordingly. The system is fully automatic and reliable", explained Karl Rieger, Technical Director at Kappa. When production increases, so do emissions and the system responds immediately with an increase in performance. If the workplace is not operating at full capacity, the performance of the air treatment system is automatically reduced. Through the intelligent control system, 265,000 kWh of electricity can be saved annually.


Task over-accomplished

Adaptation to the actual demand, the recovery of the exhaust heat produced, and the over-achievement of customer's requirements represent a new milestone. "The turnkey In-Hall Air Cleaning System designed and built by us provides optimal reduction of air pollutants in the workplace and also set new standards in terms of energy efficiency," proudly said Harald Schneuber, Project Manager at Kappa.


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