Intelligent air technology makes Stiwa workplaces attractive and future-proof

Intelligent air technology makes Stiwa workplaces attractive and future-proof

The STIWA Group is consistently on course of growth, and the location in Gampern has just been expanded for the new Metal Machining Division. There, Stiwa produces metal parts for the automation (plant construction) and automotive sectors. The investment will bundle and expand Stiwa’s machining expertise. For the region this means: new and high-quality industrial jobs.

Initial situation

The restructuring and expansion of the Metal Machining Division took place due to the high demand. Last year a 10,000 square metre factory hall was put up. The existing machineries were relocated to the new production hall and nine additional metal processing machines were added. Over the course of the new construction, the company optimized the entire production logistics – including the flow of materials and goods. The workshop and every single workplace were brightly and spaciously designed.


Combination of exhaust air technology, ventilation technology and energy technology

In the new hall Kappa has combined exhaust air technology with ventilation technology and energy technology. The overall solution ensures that the individual modules are perfectly matching each other. This starts with the separation of cooling lubricant emissions and ends with heating and cooling. It ensures draught-free ventilation of the halls, optimum temperatures and lower energy consumption. Thus, functionality increased and investment as well as running energy costs were reduced.


Exhaust air technology for the collection of direct cooling lubricant emissions

The cooling lubricant emissions are collected directly at the encapsulated processing machines. They reach the AirdryTM high-performance separators from Kappa via a dense pipe network. A Kappa AirdryTM was installed on all five cutting lines. The cleaned exhaust air from the filter system is fed into the ventilation system.


This is ventilation technology by Kappa: perfectly tempered fresh air and removal of diffuse cooling lubricant emissions and heat

Diffuse emissions cannot be prevented during metal processing at the individual machines. They also occur during manual work, such as cleaning.

In order to avoid polluting the workforce, fresh air is introduced draught-free at the hall floor. To do so, Kappa DiffusorsTM have been installed over the entire area of the hall. They ensure that the fresh air is diffused in. The fresh air does not mix with the hall air; all obstacles are flowed around. The workers in the entire hall are supplied with fresh air. After only a short time, a stable lake of fresh air is formed throughout the entire working area. It displaces both the released emissions and the waste heat from the work and recreation areas upwards to the hall ceiling. Emissions and waste heat are captured and dissipated completely with adjustable Kappa COCTM extraction plates.

Emissions are filtered via two Kappa MTATM exhaust air purification and air treatment centres. They are attached to the roof of the hall and filter a total of 90,000m³ of exhaust air per hour. The MTA-Systems are equipped with a multi-stage exhaust air cleaning unit. The first filter stage has an automatic cleaning unit. It ensures a highly effective separation and a high air throughput with low system resistance.


Energy technology ensures efficient and economical temperature control

After the exhaust air cleaning unit, the waste heat is recovered in the integrated low-temperature heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is also equipped with an automatic washing device. This ensures a consistently high effect. The supply air is treated in the Kappa MTATM systems. It is heated with the energy recovered from the exhaust air stream. In the downstream heating and cooling module, the supply air is heated or cooled, as required. Thus, the entire hall is brought to the desired temperature efficiently and economically and the required temperature can be maintained throughout the year.


What does the customer say?

“When planning the new production hall, it was clear that profitability and sustainability must not be contradictory. Attractive workplaces are efficient workplaces. Air technology and energy technology are of great importance in production with metal machining. With Kappa we found a partner who does not make compromises, who thinks holistically, together with us. The result is impressive in every respect. The workplaces are modern, pleasant and secure, and the investment is sustainable and economically sensible.” Dirk Algermissen, Head of Construction Planning in the STIWA Group.




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