Smart Schooling - More information for less emissions

Smart Schooling - More information for less emissions

Kappa Airic® is the name of the air measurement system that constantly determines and controls air quality, thus making it easier to manage. "Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we developed a system that monitors the air in rooms, in line with our core business: exhaust air and ventilation technology. Over the past two years we have refined this application and have now managed to establish a measuring system that goes beyond just CO2 measurements," explains Karl Rieger, Technical Manager of Kappa Filter Systems in Styria. "Air hygiene has now become a central issue, not least in schools. With PMS Rudigier, we are pleased to have found a partner from the school sector for our further research. This enables us to incorporate the requirements from the educational sector into our development work. Kappa and PMS Rudigier thus gain valuable insights into the aerosol, fine dust and CO2 situation and development in the school. In addition, you are able to react immediately during class," he adds.

Two of these compact measuring cubes are now being placed in PMS Rudigier's Class 3a as part of a test, which will record the most important parameters of air quality in real time, so to speak, and make them visible to the teaching staff via an app. "As a physics teacher, I find it particularly exciting to be able to talk to the children about such common themes as carbon dioxide, aerosols, fine dust and volatile organic compounds and make them understandable," says Heinz Sattmann. The device continuously measures the values with regard to aerosols, inhalable fine dust, CO2 values and volatile organic compounds, and transmits the data to a database in encrypted form. This database then carries out a real-time comparison with recommended reference values and transmits the information to the end device, i.e a smartphone.


"Of course, you instinctively feel when a room needs to be ventilated. With this measuring system, however, we can act in a very targeted manner and gain an overview of the situation over the day," adds Günter Berger, the school's director. "Especially in the cold season when opening windows repeatedly is not very popular, we can now demonstrate why this is necessarcy with verifiable data," he adds with a laugh. "What is certain is that fresh, clean air with a low concentration of CO2 and the other air pollutants increases performance and cognitive abilities. If we can make a contribution to this, we are very happy," says Airic® developer Karl Rieger.


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